Cyber Security

Ensuring a reliable network is increasingly business critical. Networks have become the backbone of most organisations with performance issues leading to reduced productivity from both staff and customers.

Yet more and more is demanded from networks. From the needs of information security to the ever increasing number of devices end users expect to seamlessly connect to a network from multiple locations.

The skill and knowledge involved in managing a network is increasing at an exponential rate. Networks are LAN3’s core business so, as you’d expect, we are experts in all areas of networking.

Securing your business and customer’s data is one area where you cannot afford to take risks. Reputational damage, loss of intellectual property and hugely damaging loss of customer trust are just some of the issues that need to be considered when looking at network security.

Enabling visibility and control on the network is paramount within any IT Network. 

With known and unknown devices coming onto the network and being targeted for a malicious attack on any organisation – large or small, it is imperative that the network has policies which are enforced and that content and data movement is continually monitored.

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