Dell EMC Networking

Dell EMC Networking platforms came to LAN3's attention after Dell EMC announced their partnership with Aerohive, that allowed their campus range of switches to be managed from Aerohive's HiveManager NG platform. This 'one network' approach to wired and wireless opens up the potential for entire networks to be managed from a 'single pane of glass', hosted in the cloud. The cloud management allows network administrators to plan, configure and deploy their network within minutes and maintain control through an informative platform.

Dell EMC's switching portfolio has progressed exponentially over the last few years, in large part as a result of all the IP and expertise they gained with the purchase of Force10 Networks. There is now a comprehensive range of enterprise switching solutions for use in all industries from the small campus to the most complex datacentres.

Often nonchalently percieved as  'cost-effective' and 'easy to deploy', it is LAN3's experience that this message significantly underplays the functionality and performance of Dell EMC's Networking hardware and software. Dell EMC deliver a comprehensive range of enterprise-grade networking offerings, where compromise is not necessary.  

It is also worth noting that Dell EMC's Networking platforms require very little administrator re-training for engineers used to navigating iOS. 


Dell EMC 'Gold'

In April 2017 LAN3 was awarded Gold partnership status by Dell EMC. This, in no small part, reflected the activity and performance of LAN3's networking team.

LAN3 is one of a select few Dell EMC Gold partners that is exclusively focussed on Networking in the UK. It is, however, this unswerving focus on networking that makes LAN3 stand out from the competition.  


Dell EMC Reactive

Many Network Managers, who would like to incorporate NAC functionality into their network, are loathed to invest in a 'stand alone' appliance, due to significant management overhead and cost. LAN3's response to this is to provide the key functionality of NAC through integration with Microsoft Active Directory, thus:

  • Vastly reducing VLAN Management
  • Increasing Network Security
  • Automating Device VLAN Management & Guest Access
  • Reduced Training Costs

Dell EMC & Aerohive

Dell EMC and Aerohive Networks have collaborated to deliver a unified wired and wireless solution. The single management solution scales easily to fit a range of environments - from small enterprise to large, from one campus to hundreds of distributed sites.

  • Configure and monitor switches and APs from a single pane of glass
  • Management suited to a range of administrator skill levels
  • Manage multiple sites from one centralised management system
  • Flexible, anytime, anywhere control and troubleshooting

Dell EMC As-A-Service

It is evermore common for IT professional to be asked to do more with less. The remit of IT staff is being stretched, but time available remains static. The solution is to outsource the monitoring and management of the network to LAN3, who can offer this service with the incentive of offering a flexible payment options.

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Management utilising focussed expertise
    • Prompt identification of issues, faster resolution and reduced downtime
      • Liberate in-house staff to focus on strategic projects
      • Scheduled Reporting & Reduced TCO of Network

Why LAN3 for Dell EMC?

The answer is reassuringly simple...'Dell EMC Networking Expertise and Customer Service'.  One of the principal strengths of LAN3 is that we are only focussed on delivering 'secure infrastructure' to our clients.  Many other companies, working in our industry, will sell an eclectic range of Dell EMC products and services including servers, storage, virualisation and only then, and often as an afterthought, will the matter of the network be discussed.  A switch is 'not' just a switch.  A significant amount of experise is required to ensure that the right switch is installed in the right place and appropriately configured, for a network to perform optimally and securely.  

Over half of LAN3's workforce is employed in pre- and post-sales technical services, and is tasked with providing our clients market-leading Dell EMC technical consultancy and support.  We also understand the importance of comprehensive technical training and thus, frequently run training courses, both at our Head Office and at customer locations.  LAN3 has an interactive demo suite, at the Oxfordshire HQ, which is often utilised to host technical design meetings with customers, where interactive demonstrations have proved very advantageous. 


Networking Expertise


Dell EMC-Centric Demo Suite


Gold Accreditation


Dell EMC Service Centre & Training


Mark Pearce

EMEA Channel Director, Dell EMC Networking

“Since welcoming LAN3 into the Dell EMC fold, we have been taken aback by the level of enthusiasm, skill and knowledge their team display on a daily basis.  Through working with LAN3, Dell EMC benefit from their infrastructure, experience and expertise in Networking, meaning together we are able to deliver a very compelling proposition to our customer base.” 

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