Managed Services

The LAN3 Managed Service is designed to deliver a first class proactive IT support, maintenance and management solution, which not only adheres to industry best practice and processes (ITIL), but provides superior end user and device management support to improve business performance and success.

LAN3 will fill the gap in time, knowledge and expertise, by partnering with our customers to increase the compliance, stability and uptime of their network using advanced IT service management (ITSM) capabilities, automated toolsets and skilled engineers.


Network Analysis

The LAN3 Managed Service analyses the health of the network, whilst proactively resolving Incidents, reducing risk and optimising the day to day running of business critical systems.  This allows the customer IT staff to concentrate on providing alternative service to their clients.  This end-to-end service means that optimal system performance is assured and downtime is minimised, ensuring business critical information is not compromised.


Cloud Management

LAN3’s cloud-hosted monitoring service provides real-time alerting and management of designated customer owned network devices.  This service has the ability to monitor and manage a vast range of devices including Switches, Access Points and Firewalls, providing the customer with the option to expand their services at any given point during the life of the contract



The LAN3 Service Centre will receive immediate alerts if a device goes offline, or suffers from any service failure (including abnormal CPU and RAM usage).  The LAN3 Service Centre will proactively diagnose and correct issues or liaise directly with customer IT staff, if local remediation is required. 

The LAN3 Service Centre's responsibility is to manage and record all tickets through to resolution (or work around) using the appropriate resolver groups.   The resolver groups involved would include the LAN3 Service Centre, Customer and vendor support.



As part of the service, the customer will receive Scheduled Performance Reports and Quarterly Service Reviews.  These reviews will cover ticket statistics, SLA's, network availability, network performance and LAN3’s recommendations for the improvement of theoverall service.

Why LAN3 for Managed Services?

The LAN3 Managed Service is designed to fill the gap in customer time, knowledge and expertise, by partnering with our clients to increase the compliance, performance and uptime of the Network. Detailed network analysis in turn leads to proactive responses to network 'events' which can save both internal resources and time whilst maintaining high levels of performance and reduced downtime.

Remote monitoring by experts not only leads to a rapid response to problems, but also ensures that the most current version of software is running at all times through regular maintenance and upgrades. The addition of extra security through the Auvik system also means that a loss of data is no longer a catastrophe as your network topology map, configuration, inventory and performance stats are safely secured and easily restored.

Other benefits include: 

  • 24x7x365 via our UK based Service Centre
  • Leading IT service management tools and processes aligned to current ITIL guidelines
  • Centralised ownership of Incident or Request through to resolution
  • Event Management and proactive resolution activities in the event of performance drops, faults or major issue
  • LAN3 proactively manage incidents
  • P1 Incident Management with cross-company coordination
  • Proactive Problem Management using Incident information to identify and prevent recurring issues
  • Patch Management process reducing downtime and potential security vulnerabilities
  • Cost effective service with flexibility to expand support
  • Increased service levels and faster response and resolution times
  • Improved network performance and minimising downtime 
  • Collaboration with Customer’s business continuity initiatives

Guaranteed SLAs


Cloud Management


UK Service Centre


ITIL Aligned

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Elliott Abbs

IS Operations Manager, CITB

"CITB were given confidence to use LAN3 as you were honest about offering a smaller amount of services to a very high standard which has was backed up with quality people who are experts in their field and the reference sites & information provided."


Download: Is a Managed Service Right For You?

Learn the things that you should bear in mind before considering a managed service.