Project Management

Good project management often means the difference between success or failure. The fundamentals of managing a project from start-to-finish requires a team of individuals with different skills, talents and abilities to come together to achieve one goal.

Network installations, refreshes or upgrades can be chaotic if not tightly managed. Budgets and deadlines are the first the suffer when something goes awry. As such, LAN3 offers a Project Management service to our clients, which tightly manages networking projects, to ensure they meet the objectives set out pre-purchase.

We understand that projects can cost a significant amount of money, so budget management is essential. Using project management strategies greatly reduces the risk of budget overruns. 


LAN3's Project Managers are PRINCE2 accredited, the UK Government's kitemark for effective project management, and continues to be widely recognised across the public and private sectors. It ensures each project LAN3 manages is measured against a set of industry leading criteria, regardless of its type or scale.
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Cost Control

Some projects can cost a significant amount of money, so budget management is essential, especially if you are delivering a project for a fixed cost. Utilising project management strategies greatly reduces the risk of budget overrun. LAN3's Project Managers will use their experience, and with you identify any risks to your budget. This will happen during the planning stage and continually throughout the project. All risks will be analysed, and a suitable risk response will be agreed so that you have a plan of action already in place should risk become reality. 

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Reduce Risk of Failure

With thousands of network installations under our belts, having LAN3 manage a network upgrade project greatly reduces the risk of failure, missing deadlines and budgetary overshoot. There aren't many networking challenges or requirements LAN3 won't have successfully overcome before.

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Change Management

Changes are an inevitable part of complex networking projects. Managing these changes can be a daunting task, but should be embraced not ignored. LAN3 will implement a change management process before any work starts, ensuring only changes within the scope of a particular project are approved and implemented.

Why LAN3 for Project Management?

Put simply, after 10 years managing and implementing highly complex network installations, in thousands of challenging locations across the country - including hospitals, palaces and UNESCO world heritage sites - we uniquely understand the common risks and trip hazards involved ahead of embarking on such projects, and can take actions to mitigate against them. There are very few situations we won't have previously faced, and successfully overcome. 

Inevitably, projects face challenges, and occasionally fail. Project management doesn't guarantee success, but it can vastly improve your chances. When coupled with the expertise, and real world experience working with a specialist networking partner like LAN3, your chances of delivering a project on time and on budget, vastly increase.   


PRINCE2 Methodology


Complex Projects On Time and Budget


Cost Control


Common Risks Understood

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Elliott Abbs

IS Operations Manager, CITB

"CITB were given confidence to use LAN3 as you were honest about offering a smaller amount of services to a very high standard which has was backed up with quality people who are experts in their field and the reference sites & information provided.”