Ensuring a reliable network is increasingly business critical. Networks have become the backbone of most organisations with performance issues leading to reduced productivity from both staff and customers.

Yet more and more is demanded from networks. From the needs of information security to the ever increasing number of devices end users expect to seamlessly connect to a network from multiple locations.

The skill and knowledge involved in managing a network is increasing at an exponential rate. Networks are LAN3’s core business so, as you’d expect, we are experts in all areas of networking.

A management-free, auto-configuring network is the Holy Grail for networking professionals. 

By enabling your network to auto-configure itself, based on the devices that are connected to it, you will longer need to individually configure ports for PCs, Phones, Printers or other network devices.

The port "reacts" to the device that has been connected and configures itself to accommodate that device.

Authorising devices onto the network can be controlled by Active Directory, providing a central point of management for users and devices.


  • Wireless type mobility for wired devices, giving people the ability to safely use hot-desking
  • Reduce VLAN Management
  • Raise security by only allowing network access to trusted devices
  • Real time security detection of any device that is used on the network, if the device is not recognised, you Network can restrict access to the Guest VLAN and not allow access elsewhere
  • Give guests automated access to internet only
  • Enable Authentication and Accounting through NPS
Wi-FI Deployment Checklist