Information Security

Ensuring a reliable network is increasingly business critical. Networks have become the backbone of most organisations with performance issues leading to reduced productivity from both staff and customers.

Yet more and more is demanded from networks. From the needs of information security to the ever increasing number of devices end users expect to seamlessly connect to a network from multiple locations.

The skill and knowledge involved in managing a network is increasing at an exponential rate. Networks are LAN3’s core business so, as you’d expect, we are experts in all areas of networking.

Practically every business – public or private, small, medium or large, across every industry – is subject to cyber-attack whether they realise it or not.

PWC research indicates there were 42.8 million security breaches in 2014 alone with 71% of organisations suffering some form of cyber breach. And with the vast majority of cyber-attacks going undetected the size of the problems if certain to be much larger.

The protection of information is crucial for any organisation. The damage financially and to brand when procedures are not in place can be devastating.

The ability to manage the location of data, and defend it from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, inspection, recording or destruction is now part every organisation’s IT policy. 

Effective IT security depends on skilled people, well defined policies and processes, and a range of integrated technologies.

As both the volumes of cyber threats and the sophistication of attack methods continue to grow, working with specialists like LAN3 is critical in augmenting the human expertise necessary to successfully detect and respond to potentially damaging threats.

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