Ensuring a reliable network is increasingly business critical. Networks have become the backbone of most organisations with performance issues leading to reduced productivity from both staff and customers.

Yet more and more is demanded from networks. From the needs of information security to the ever increasing number of devices end users expect to seamlessly connect to a network from multiple locations.

The skill and knowledge involved in managing a network is increasing at an exponential rate. Networks are LAN3’s core business so, as you’d expect, we are experts in all areas of networking.

A fundamental change is happening to our workplaces. Increasingly gone are the days where a workplace equals an office, a desk and desktop PC.

Employees expect anytime, anywhere access to company applications and data. Whether working at client sites, branch offices, or with business partners located across town or across the globe the need to enable this while maintaining security.

Smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and public cloud data stores are accessing your network whether sanctioned or not.

At the same time, desktop and laptop PCs continue to be very important for developing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations and for handling high volume work.

How do you meet the legitimate business needs for this new style of workplace while protecting corporate data?

The importance, from a compliancy point of view, of protecting your data integrity and assets is more essential than ever.

We can help your employees to be fully productive wherever they are, without compromising on security.

Wi-FI Deployment Checklist