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5 Ways Outsourcing Your Network Could Boost Productivity

November 25, 2015

5 Way Outsourcing Your Network Could Boost Productivity

Should you outsource the management of your network, or keep it in-house?

This is a question many organisations ask themselves, and the answer lies in considering whether by doing so it would release your in-house IT team to focus on being more productive, and deliver strategic projects rather than fire fighting network issues.

To help you make you mind up, here are five areas where we believe outsourcing the management of your network can improve productivity:-

1. Things Work Better

Outsourcing your network means placing it in the safest pair of hands with accredited network experts monitoring and managing it 24/7, ensuring it is performing as it should. Placing your network with a managed services provider should lead to increased uptime and ultimately a better performing network.

2. Faster, More Effective Support

Many people expect that if they have an internal network person things will be dealt with faster and be more efficient as a result. The opposite is usually the case.

This person ends up getting pulled in so many directions between systems administration, executive-level support, user support, planning meetings, purchasing, vendor management and anything else technical anyone thinks of.

The result is response times are slow and because they are spending their days fighting fires, and your network starts to get neglected. That leads to more problems and your team being less efficient because they are dealing with computer problems.

3. Be Proactive Instead of Fire Fighting

Too often in-house IT staff spend most of their time fire fighting issues that come up and that prevents them from doing the critical proactive work to prevent problems.

A strong outsourced managed service provider will offer proactive monitoring that resolves issues before they affect your network, and have extensive automation.

This will free up in-house IT staff to spend more time delivering strategic projects, and improving services.

4. Save Money

When hard and soft costs are taken into consideration there is considerable scope to save money when you outsource your network.

Additionally having a single point of accountability, with a simple, single contract can make managing the process much more efficient. 

5. No HR Issues, or Staff Overheads

An outsourced managed service will not ask for holiday during your busiest time of year, or drink too much at the Christmas party. Imagine never having to deal with HR issues? When you outsource your network, you at least eliminate that from your day. You don’t have to worry about training, vacation, advancement, sick pay or any of the 100 other things that come with managing people.

You can explore further whether a Managed Service is right for you by click below and downloading the free guide:

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