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7 Ways Aerohive Networks Will Make Your Life Easier

July 24, 2018

We can’t always control what places a demand on our time, but if connectivity isn’t already one of your top priorities, we’re willing to bet it will rear its head soon.

Your wireless network’s throughput and capacity has never been more critical to the health of your business. You need scalability with security. You need central management and rapid deployment. And you want a realistic price, without having to compromise on performance.

Most of all, you want a robust, capable Wi-Fi solution that you can depend on to serve the wider business—and make your life easier. The more quickly and reliably people can get their data on and off the air, the greater your IT team’s ability to simultaneously support multiple users and network-dependent operations across the business at any given time.

Aerohive Networks recognises this, which is how its enterprise cloud networking technologies are able to improve connectivity and exceed today’s organisational requirements across industries.

To find out exactly what this looks like, read on.

7 ways Aerohive Networks will make your life easier

  1. Not every provider encrypts all traffic between user devices and their access points. Aerohive uses a unique, pre-shared key to deliver security above and beyond that provided by much of the marketplace, encrypting all traffic between users and their Access Points.
  2. When a provider acquires new technology without fully integrating it into their portfolio, as is often the case, they typically overlook the importance of a migration path between legacy and new technology. Aerohive’s latest HiveManager platform neatly addresses this by providing a clear upgrade path to a true software-defined network Wi-Fi solution.
  3. Aerohive puts the Controller in each Access Point, providing a more resilient distributed solution than their competitors.
  4. The government’s Technology Code of Practice specifies that a cloud-first strategy is best practice. Aerohive’s next-generation cloud management system delivers this, where some other providers’ legacy controller architecture does not. 
  5. The weakness of some competitors’ architecture is acknowledged by the release of cut-down SME versions without enterprise features. Why buy legacy architecture when you can invest in a future-proofed solution such as Aerohive?
  6. Aerohive Access Points feature encryption chips, so they are not vulnerable to hacking in the same way that many other providers’ networks are.
  7. Aerohive’s Wi-Fi solutions can authenticate the same user differently according to the device they are using. They can be configured to only allow a user to access the corporate network if they are using a corporate device, forcing them to use the guest network when they use BYOD, even though they logged in with AD credentials.

From Wi-Fi solution to strategic partner

When we think of robust, capable IT solutions, we immediately think in terms of long-lasting partnerships. The Wi-Fi solutions you can trust to empower your organisation and make your working life that little bit easier? They might come in boxes, but they’re more than products.

They’re smart decisions made around the ever-changing needs of your organisation and the pressures you feel every day when it comes to meeting those requirements in a flexible, adaptable, and manageable way.

As a long-term Aerohive partner with experience delivering over 400 Aerohive networks in the UK, we understand this. The skills we have accrued by deploying and supporting these networks enable us to offer an unparalleled service, making us the strategic choice for our customers in the enterprise wireless market.

Through the functionality and usability of HiveManager, and the unparalleled performance of Aerohive’s Access Points, we will unify your operations, allowing your IT team to efficiently and effectively monitor everything from traffic and bandwidth usage to network health.

Doesn’t life sound easier already?

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Written by Martin Jones @ LAN3