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Early findings from the State of Networking in Education survey

November 04, 2016


We are currently compiling our annual report looking into the state of networking in education. Based on the results so far and the conversations that we are currently having with customers, there are some interesting insights already appearing.

It appears that over the next year or two there will be a shift underway in education away from a focused spend on networking and connectivity towards security and visibility.

This is particularly interesting when we look at the results from the last report, published in January, where security seemed to be sidelined by a demand for access. In fact, I wrote a post at the time looking at this question of access and security in the sector.

It was a shock, when we looked at the findings of that report to see that cyber security appeared so low on the list of priorities, especially considering its prevalence in some of our other markets.

This all seemed rather remiss of education providers, who without the right technology would not be able to meet their responsibilities for protecting private digital assets and confidential data.

Addressing the issue of cyber security in education

The good news is, looking at the early results from this year though, it would appear that there is certainly an awareness of the problem of security in education as 86% only ranked their network security as somewhat secure.

It could of course, be that the problems were well known last year too, but the demand for access was so much, that security was slipping further down the list in comparison.

An indicator that this is something which will continue is that 65% have agreed that end user behaviour is becoming more of a concern for maintaining security. Connect this with the fact that over a third of respondents do not mark themselves as fully prepared for the Government’s Prevent Strategy, and there is suddenly every reason for security and visibility to fly up the priorities.

Update: Have your say for 2018

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