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Why Do We Still Need Wires in an Increasingly Wireless World?

By Chris Carr @ LAN3 on January 15, 2016

A disclaimer before this blog post kicks off. Clearly some readers will have knowledge on the subject matter and the reason cables are just as important as ever, however I do not expect all readers, or the colleagues of readers, to share this insider knowledge.

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How Easy is it to Deploy an Enterprise Wi-Fi Network?

By Chris Carr @ LAN3 on November 06, 2015

Almost everyone has deployed a wireless network. I’m sure you have, or at least know someone who has, likely more than once. Whenever you plug in a new home router you are deploying a new wireless network.

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Wearable Technology in Enterprise Environments

By Chris Carr @ LAN3 on October 06, 2015

Wearable technology seems to have taken off in our office over the last few weeks. Everyone is using these wonderful little gizmos predominantly as a fitness enhancement, to keep track of steps taken, calories burnt and a multitude of other health based measurements that I’m sure are useful to them in some capacity.

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