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How can a survey be so significant to the future of education?

By Martin Jones @ LAN3 on January 13, 2021

We’ve all been asked to fill out forms, or complete a short survey and let’s be honest, even the most conscientious of us don’t usually do so unless there’s an incentive involved and certainly not without knowing its purpose. And it’s for this reason we at LAN3 wanted to be really transparent about why we seek the opinions and expertise of people in the education sector through our State of IT in Education’ survey.

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I’ve got Teams, so I don’t need another UCaaS like RingCentral…do I?

By Martin Jones @ LAN3 on August 03, 2020

The truth is Teams is a good platform that ticks a lot of boxes. It has a wide install base and the interface is simple and easy to use. However, look a little closer and it lacks some key functionality that deters the ‘enterprise’ from taking it seriously as anything more than a messaging app.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Wi-Fi6 & Wi-Fi6E

By Martin Jones @ LAN3 on April 24, 2020

Capacity, efficiency, and performance for advanced connectivity

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Extreme Networks’ Big Differentiator: The Speed of Cloud Innovation [Video]

By Martin Jones @ LAN3 on February 07, 2020

An ‘agile’ approach to development is often very rapid and adaptable, and Cloud Innovation is best served using such a methodology. As a partner of Extreme Networks, we’re (sometimes) frightened of the pace of development, and I’m also aware of the suspicion that comes with such fast-paced development: