Matthew Edwards

Mathew is a Sr Product Marketing Manager at Aerohive Networks, driving strategy and vision for Aerohive’s mobility solutions. He has a wireless LAN career spanning nearly a decade, having worked with leading vendors, partners and integrators, giving him a grass roots knowledge of the design, deployment and support requirements of today's mobility focused networks.

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Nobody Ever Got Fired for Buying Aerohive

By Matthew Edwards on July 04, 2016

The technology landscape has dramatically changed in the last decade with the rise of mobility. Offices, schools, stores, hospitals, our homes, all not so long ago had very limited sources of technology, utilizing basic computers and networking. Now it’s near impossible to find an object that doesn’t have a chip embedded somewhere. Smart watches, cars, homes… did you know you can even get Wi-Fi enabled Barbie now? Everything seems to be ‘smart’ now, but are we making smart decisions when it comes to the underpinning network infrastructure?

Topics: Wi-Fi