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Video Blog:- Aerohive User Profiles, a Closer Look

By Neil Harrison on December 10, 2018

In a previous video blog we looked at how organisations can gain control over who can access their network using one of 802.1x or a private pre-shared key.

Sitting behind either of these solutions are user profiles, which are stored on either a RADIUS server, access point or Aerohive's HiveManager.

In this video blog we take a closer look at user profiles, and how they can be provisioned to help network managers give each wireless user a unique experience, while increasing security.

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What is Private Pre-Shared Key?

By Neil Harrison on November 06, 2018

The most common way for users and devices to connect to the wireless network is via a pre-shared key, or password. 

Some organisations have implemented 802.1x and already have some control over who can access their network.

Another option is a Private Pre-Shared Key, which we believe has many of the benefits of 802.1x without any of the additional infrastructure requirements.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Below we outline the pros and cons of Pre-Shared Keys, 802.1x and Private Pre-Shared Keys, to help you decide what's right for your organisation.

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