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What to Expect from a LAN3 Network Assessment

By Paul Sweeney on February 11, 2019

The perception sometimes exists that once you’ve put in a network, it can just be left to run on its own.

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Networking and the Benefits of Software Overlay Solutions

By Paul Sweeney on January 21, 2019

Five years ago, you would have gone into a networking conversation at a school or an enterprise and they would have effectively said ‘my switch is this and it's configured in this way and I need this bandwidth and number of switches to do X, Y, and Z’. The scenario was, and still is for a chunk of customers, hardware-driven and it would be managed almost exclusively by the IT team. The solution would have been sold based on ‘speeds and feeds’ as well as a quantity of hardware, with minimal consideration for insight, analytics, ROI etc.

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The International Connectivity Challenge: How to Achieve a Consistent, Predictable WAN

By Paul Sweeney on November 20, 2018

Businesses around the world continue a ‘strong and co-ordinated global expansion’, the Financial Times reported last year. Uncertainty around Brexit notwithstanding, ‘over two thirds (69 percent) of UK businesses will expand internationally in the next three years’, a survey of 500 key decision makers by Elements Global Services reveals.

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Oxford United F.C and LAN3 Sign Multi-Year IT Agreement

By Paul Sweeney on August 28, 2018

Oxford United have signed a multi-year deal with local IT company LAN3, which will see the company install market-leading networking and cyber-security infrastructure across the club’s new training facility.

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