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What is 802.11ax Wi-Fi?

By Paul Sweeney on May 30, 2018

As the number, and performance, of devices exponentially increases, so does the demand placed upon the wireless network.

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Can Hospitals Do More with Wi-Fi?

By Paul Sweeney on March 27, 2018

Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to provide Wi-Fi for service users. In fact, there is a government directive for the NHS to have Wi-Fi in operation by the end of 2018.

Topics: Insider Wi-Fi
3 min read

Revealed: Early Findings from the State of IT in Education Survey 2018

By Paul Sweeney on January 22, 2018

So far, two statistics in particular have stood out. Here we look at what these statistics say, how you might be affected, and why they could be happening.

Topics: Education
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Is a Historic Site Challenging Your School’s IT Performance?

By Paul Sweeney on December 21, 2017

Many independent schools celebrate a rich heritage stretching back hundreds of years. But what happens when tradition meets twenty-first century networking needs?

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