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Business Security and Managed Services

December 10, 2015

Business Security 

Many of today's savvy organisations understand that an IT managed service can trade the worry of unpredictable IT management costs for an assured level of service at a fixed, pre-arranged cost and the comfort of knowing that professionals are maintaining your network 24/7. 

But with IT budgets forever being squeezed and IT departments needing to cope with an ever-expanding list of systems, there's also a strong case for looking at a managed service from a security perspective.

Keeping engineers up to date, on many diverse technologies, is both expensive and time consuming. The more technologies an engineer has to learn the more their expertise in particular areas dwindles, evaporating best practice and leading to security holes or degraded network performance.

The ever increasing list risks facing organisations, highly sophisticated attackers, a limited security labour pool, and growing compliance enforcement is prompting many to migrate risk out of IT departments and into the hands of experts.

LAN3 has had an in-house service centre for many years, but this simply functioned 9-5 and was reactive to incoming support requests. Whilst the feedback we had on this service was very positive, we felt that we needed to extend the services we were offering in line with the requirements of our customers.

Our Managed Service utilises cloud-hosted network management system (on AWS). Following an alert on the management portal LAN3 is able to remotely access and control network devices and carry out necessary remediation.

Designed to fill the gap in customer time, knowledge and expertise, LAN3’s Managed Service works with our clients to increase the compliance, performance & uptime of the network. This is achieved through detailed analysis, leading to proactive responses to network ‘events’.

Take a proactive approach to managing your network