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How can a survey be so significant to the future of education?

January 13, 2021

We’ve all been asked to fill out forms, or complete a short survey and let’s be honest, even the most conscientious of us don’t usually do so unless there’s an incentive involved and certainly not without knowing its purpose. And it’s for this reason we at LAN3 wanted to be really transparent about why we seek the opinions and expertise of people in the education sector through our State of IT in Education’ survey.

 Why we need your help?

At LAN3 we design, implement, manage and secure IT infrastructures across academia – we are able to do this with a level of unparalleled expertise, by taking the time to understand the unique challenges faced by the education sector. But, as any person working in the sector already knows, the challenges from one year to the next are ever evolving, and we can only hope to improve your situation by understanding your needs; hence why we commission a comprehensive survey into the state of IT within the Education sector – which we would like to invite you to take part in.

How does filling in our survey benefit you?

We last commissioned a survey of this scale in 2017, the resulting report - which all participants received – proved an extremely useful tool for educational establishments across the UK in benchmarking their IT against other schools and in helping shape IT infrastructure across the education sector as a whole.

Three years ago, 72% of secondary schools and Academies claimed their IT budgets had decreased from the previous year and 28% said that their network was not future proofed for an increase in use.

Following these insights in 2017, none of us could have known how Coronavirus would come to impact our reliance on IT and as a result impact each individual students’ education!

“Internet and internet enabled devices are an essential component to education in the world today. Around 1.5 million school children in the UK have very limited or no access to these critical tools at home and, as a result, are seeing their education severely disadvantaged. Recent remote learning, which for many is continuous with local lockdowns and isolation periods, has widened and deepened this divide with some children not being able to learn at all or having to rely on shared access to their parent or guardian’s mobile phone to attempt schoolwork.”


Ofsted has already stated in two recent reports a regression in basic skills and learning across all age groups, especially in younger children thanks to a lack of teacher contact. It’s insights such as these and the personal experiences of those on the frontline of education sector, that will help define what the IT requirements in a post-coronavirus world might look like.

By taking part in our survey, you are highlighting to governing bodies not only what the current health of our IT infrastructures ‘actually’ is, but also how they will need to support IT budgets going forward, to ensure the UK reaches the standard of education required.

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the conversation.

Please take ten minutes to fill in our survey on the ‘State of IT in Education for 2020’– in doing so you will help build a better picture of how education is holding up under the strain of remote learning and the unprecedented demands on IT.

Your answers are anonymous and genuinely important to the future of IT in education.

As a participant you will receive the full 2020 report, giving you unprecedented access to all the insights, statistics and analysis.

The survey closes on Friday 15th January 2021. Don’t miss your chance to complete the survey and get exclusive early access to the detailed findings. You can complete the survey here.

Written by Martin Jones @ LAN3