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Is Now the Right Time for a Managed Service?

October 01, 2015


IT budgets are forever being squeezed and IT departments are required to cope with an ever-expanding list of systems. The inevitable stretch, and subsequent dilution of knowledge as a result of these pressures has led to companies needing to outsource the management of different aspects of their systems, including networks from the likes of Aerohive and Extreme. 

Keeping engineers up to date, on many diverse technologies, is both expensive and time consuming. The more technologies an engineer has to learn the more dilute their knowledge becomes and the less of an expert they become in any one specific technology

When expertise is diluted best practice evaporates and it is when this happens that mistakes are often made, potentially leading to security holes or degraded network performance. The longer this is allowed to continue the more insecure and sluggish a network will become, however with the day to day busyness of IT staff there is no easy alleviation.

Ultimately, managing an evolving network in-house, 24/7 involves specialist skills and expensive ongoing staff overheads which many budgets simply do not allow.

With this in mind I am pleased to announce the launch of the LAN3 24/7 Managed Service. Preparations have been underway since the start of the year, when plans were drawn up to enable us to deliver high quality proactive monitoring and management services.The Managed Service is now available for those who have Aerohive or Extreme, or a mixture of the two as part of their IT solution and allows you to put your network in the safe hands of accredited experts.

We have had an in-house service centre for many years, but one which simply functioned 9-5 and was reactive to new incoming support requests. Whilst the feedback we had on this service was very positive, we needed to extend the services we were offering in line with the requirements of our customers. We have installed and managed both Aerohive and Extreme Networks across the country in leading academic, health and enterprise environments, and this allows us to take those services one step further.

The LAN3 Managed Service is designed to fill the gap in customer time, knowledge and expertise, by partnering with our clients to increase the compliance, performance and uptime of the Network. Detailed network analysis in turn leads to proactive responses to network 'events' which can save both internal resources and time whilst maintaining high levels of performance and reduced downtime.

The service uses cloud-hosted Auvik Network Management System (on AWS) monitoring and management services. Following an alert on the management portal LAN3 is able to remotely access and control network devices in order to carry out necessary remediation as soon as a problem occurs.

Here are 3 ways the LAN3 Managed Service works with you to improve business performance:

  • Fixing 98% of problems remotely or bringing an engineer onsite within four hours, night or day.
  • 24/7 support from our expert UK service centre
  • Placing your network in the safest pair of hands, with our team of accredited network experts leading to increased uptime and performance.

Remote monitoring by experts not only leads to a rapid response to problems, but also ensures that the most current version of software is running at all times through regular maintenance and upgrades. The addition of extra security through the Auvik system also means that a loss of data is no longer a catastrophe as your network topology map, configuration, inventory and performance stats are safely secured and easily restored.

Take a proactive approach to managing your network

Written by Martin Jones