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Don't Overlook Your Network Security at Christmas

December 15, 2017


Before thoughts turn completely to turkey and mince pies, it's worth considering how you're going to maintain network security while everyone is away from the office.

Network security at Christmas


1. Plan your update schedule

Many organisations, particularly those that continue to run over Christmas, freeze updates. This removes the risk of a botched update causing serious problems with limited access to manpower and expertise to correct it.

However, critical updates may still need to be implemented, even on Christmas morning.

Thinking ahead of time how these critical updates are going to be installed is crucial, otherwise you leave your network open to a serious security breach.

2. Plan your contact tree and escalation plans

If there’s a breach of your network security at Christmas, who are you going to call?

It’s vital you agree who is responsible for IT security when the office is closed. This person needs to be contactable via a contact tree or escalation policy. Without this in place, you could find yourself unable to patch a major security breach.

Keep contact numbers for all key staff to hand in case of an emergency.

3. Plan for 2018

The new year is an excellent opportunity to make a new start.

Only 21% of the education IT professionals we spoke to this year rated their school network as being very secure, for example. If aspects of your IT security have slipped in 2017 then January is a great time to establish new procedures or re-establish old ones that have fallen into disrepair.

It may also be worth considering an IT security audit to make sure that you’re compliant with all current regulations and that there are no nasty surprises waiting for you. 

4. Enjoy your Christmas holidays

Once you’ve decided exactly how you’ll ensure that your network remains secure over the Christmas holiday you can kick back relax and make the most of the break from work. 

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