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How can a survey be so significant to the future of education?

By Martin Jones @ LAN3 on January 13, 2021

We’ve all been asked to fill out forms, or complete a short survey and let’s be honest, even the most conscientious of us don’t usually do so unless there’s an incentive involved and certainly not without knowing its purpose. And it’s for this reason we at LAN3 wanted to be really transparent about why we seek the opinions and expertise of people in the education sector through our State of IT in Education’ survey.

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Networking and the Benefits of Software Overlay Solutions

By Paul Sweeney on January 21, 2019

Five years ago, you would have gone into a networking conversation at a school or an enterprise and they would have effectively said ‘my switch is this and it's configured in this way and I need this bandwidth and number of switches to do X, Y, and Z’. The scenario was, and still is for a chunk of customers, hardware-driven and it would be managed almost exclusively by the IT team. The solution would have been sold based on ‘speeds and feeds’ as well as a quantity of hardware, with minimal consideration for insight, analytics, ROI etc.

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Don't Overlook Your Network Security at Christmas

By LAN3 Network Solutions on December 15, 2017

Before thoughts turn completely to turkey and mince pies, it's worth considering how you're going to maintain network security while everyone is away from the office.

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Could The Performance of Your Business Network Cost You Your Job?

By Paul Sweeney on July 07, 2017

Your network works, right? So what’s there to worry about? Well actually, quite a lot.

It goes without saying that these days, almost all businesses and organisations rely on their IT for virtually everything. And the network is the backbone on which all their IT services depend. 

Despite this, many businesses and organisations have either inappropriate hardware and/or software, or appropriate infrastructure that has not been optimally configured, secured or managed.

One of the main reasons for this is that IT is a fast-moving world, and today’s networks - and the context they are operating in - are substantially different from those of even a decade ago.

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