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Wi-Fi in Restaurants - What to Consider

February 17, 2016


Diners are increasingly expecting Wi-Fi in restaurants. And in turn restaurants are increasingly offering guest Wi-Fi to satisfy these expectations.

While research shows 72% of restaurants across Europe offer in-restaurant Wi-Fi, too few are leveraging it as part of an effective strategy that incorporates marketing and analytics to drive ROI.

With an effective Wi-Fi strategy, restaurants have a firm foundation to nurture brand loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and gain a better understanding of customer behaviour and preferences.

Historically, restaurants have used Wi-Fi to target ways to streamline operations and increase efficiencies. This is slowly changing in favour of improving customer engagement and the profitability of each visit.

A previous blog post showed that restaurants, simply by offering guest Wi-Fi, witnessed a 2.7% increase in sales. On the cost of an average bill per table, this equates to an extra drink that would not have otherwise been purchased.

Guest Wi-Fi also allows restaurants to:-

  1. Build qualified marketing lists
  2. Collect insights into who their customers are, and their behaviour
  3. Engage further with guests

With the right platform in place, guest Wi-Fi enables businesses to provide customers with a seamless experience, and in turn, to discover valuable information on who these customers are and how they behave.

But what do you need from a Wi-Fi platform to achieve this?

Central Management

Central management allows the venue to control every aspect of the guest Wi-Fi, including Wi-Fi on-boarding, analytics and marketing.

Open Environment

An open environment is important in allowing businesses to leverage existing infrastructure to address specific needs.

For example, businesses could feed their CRM platform with valuable data collected through the guest Wi-Fi.

Cloud Deployment

Deployment on the cloud eliminates the need for each restaurant to have hardware and staff with the technical skills to operate it.

Analytics Tools

Effective analytics allow the business to learn more about customers, even if they don't connect to the Wi-Fi network, while also evaluating the performance of the Wi-Fi service offered.

Marketing Tools

A Wi-Fi platform should allow the business to engage with customers directly, during and after their shopping visits, by delivering relevant and personalised content. 

If you want to discover more about how restaurants, bars and clubs can leverage Wi-Fi to deliver profit, our free guide can be downloaded below.

Wifi the Future of Retail

Written by Paul Sweeney