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You, Us and Our Crystal Ball

August 17, 2016

Here at LAN3 we like to fill our meeting room with dry ice, sit around in pointy black hats, and wave our gnarled fingers over our state of the art crystal ball.

Well, none of that is strictly true, but we definitely like to keep one eye on the future. So much so, that one of the things you will hear us say is that we don’t just want to provide our clients with what they need now, but with what they will need two years from now.

But why - and how - do we do that?


1)   We want to do a good job for our clients

There are companies out there that are happy to just make a sale and move on, but that’s not us. It is possible to make a fast buck that way, but we are driven by the desire to do a proper job. Part of doing a proper job is using expertise and experience to offer valuable advice to our clients.

If you want to buy something from us, we will talk to you about it first and make sure it’s right for you – and that includes making sure it’s right for you beyond today. Things move incredibly fast in the world of IT, and we don’t want to sell something with a very limited shelf life.

2)   We believe in the products we sell

In fact, we don’t just believe in the products we sell, we only sell products that we believe in. We have hand-picked our partners, whose equipment and solutions we sell, on the basis of whether we think their offering is any good or not. Part of that evaluation is based on how innovative and up to the minute it is, and therefore if it will still be relevant two years from now.

Our enthusiasm for the endpoint protection offered by Cylance is a case in point. Using artificial intelligence, their cybersecurity solution can block more than 99% of threats in real time. This is truly cutting edge technology – no other company has something which can get close to this.

We are similarly passionate about our other offerings too – just ask us!

3)   Experts must maintain their expertise

We do consider ourselves experts in our field, but we don’t take it for granted that we can stay experts without constantly looking ahead. Genuine expertise requires not just staying aware of developments, but anticipating them too. This has clear benefits for our clients too:

“We work hard to stay ahead of the curve. Our clients can have confidence that LAN3 is already working on solutions to problems that lie just over the horizon.”

Steve Thompson, Sales Director

4)   When it comes to security, thinking ahead is critical

Nowhere is thinking ahead more important than in the realm of cybersecurity. Put simply, it is no longer enough to be reactive. We need to be proactive too, and that means thinking about tomorrow’s threats, and using products and solutions that use emerging data to build up a picture of what could be about to happen. Cyber attackers are constantly trying to outwit us, so staying one step ahead is absolutely crucial.


If we didn’t focus on the future, we wouldn’t be doing our job properly. But we are committed to doing the very best for our clients, and that means considering what their needs will be a little further down the line. When choosing the products and solutions we sell, we don’t go in for fads or just sell what is popular now – we look at the bigger picture. Just look for the crystal ball if you visit us in our office.

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Written by Martin Jones @ LAN3