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5 min read

Multi-site businesses need an agile network that doesn’t let them down

Managing the network for a business based across multiple locations comes with additional challenges compared with...

4 min read

How can a survey be so significant to the future of education?

We’ve all been asked to fill out forms, or complete a short survey and let’s be honest, even the most conscientious of...

2 min read

RingCentral & Microsoft Teams 2

"I’ve got Teams, I love Teams, I just Wish the Call Plans were Not so expensive and the Reporting was better!"


4 min read

I’ve got Teams, so I don’t need another UCaaS like RingCentral…do I?

The truth is Teams is a good platform that ticks a lot of boxes. It has a wide install base and the interface is simple...

2 min read

The Nuts and Bolts of Wi-Fi6 & Wi-Fi6E

Capacity, efficiency, and performance for advanced connectivity

Wi-Fi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax) standard provides the...

5 min read

Autonomous Networking vs Autonomous Flight: The Sky’s the Limit

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to appreciate the advancement of technology over time. From Artificial...

4 min read

How the Evolution of Wi-Fi 6 Will Impact the Average User

As predicted in our previous article, it’s been a strong start to the year for Wi-Fi 6. Evolutions in its technology...

2 min read

The Dell Cloud Advantage

With software and hardware development showing no signs of slowing down, modern IT infrastructures have become more...

3 min read

Extreme Networks’ Big Differentiator: The Speed of Cloud Innovation [Video]

An ‘agile’ approach to development is often very rapid and adaptable, and Cloud Innovation is best served using such a...

4 min read

Extreme Networks: Is 2020 the Breakthrough Year for AI in Business?

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is on the rise. Allowing users to make sense of increasingly...

15 min read

Wi-Fi 6: Your Questions, Answered

The rollout of the highly anticipated Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) is around the corner, and like all product launches, there’s...

3 min read

2020: The Year of Wi-Fi 6

2020 is set to be a massive year for the next generation Wi-Fi wireless technology.

In case you hadn’t heard, Wi-Fi 6...

2 min read

Alexa, Can You Really Help Me Manage My Network?

Aerohive recently announced an Amazon Echo Skill that allows you to manage your wireless network using only your voice.

2 min read

What to Expect from a LAN3 Network Assessment

The perception sometimes exists that once you’ve put in a network, it can just be left to run on its own.

The problem...

6 min read

Networking and the Benefits of Software Overlay Solutions

Five years ago, you would have gone into a networking conversation at a school or an enterprise and they would have...

2 min read

Video Blog:- Aerohive User Profiles, a Closer Look

In a previous video blog we looked at how organisations can gain control over who can access their network using one of...

2 min read

The International Connectivity Challenge: How to Achieve a Consistent, Predictable WAN

Businesses around the world continue a ‘strong and co-ordinated global expansion’, the Financial Times reported last...

3 min read

What is Private Pre-Shared Key?

The most common way for users and devices to connect to the wireless network is via a pre-shared key, or password. 


4 min read

A Closer Look at Software Defined Networking

It’s hard to escape mention of digital transformation at present, particularly in regard to the growing requirement for...

5 min read

Cisco vs Dell Networking: A Review

Choosing the right networking solution for your business has never been more important. Regardless of industry,...