LAN3 Cabling Services

Advanced solutions for businesses large and small

We design and install standards-based structured cabling systems that offer a comprehensive solution for businesses of all types and sizes, ranging from commercial offices to data centres and campuses

Cabinet Installations

As network switches have become faster, their physical depth has grown and the quantity of fans has increased.  This has resulted in the need to increase the size of data cabinets.  Where switches are in public areas, the noise of the cooling fans can become an issue, so sound-proofed cabinets are now very popular.  We have considerable experience in swapping cabinets with minimal disruption by deploying our team out of hours to help reduce any downtime.

Access Point Mounting

One of the most common reasons behind an unreliable wireless network is the position of wireless access points. Our team have years of experience in determining the best location points on a site and ensure that access points are only mounted in the exact place identified in the RF planning.

UTP Cabling

When it comes to cabling it's all too easy to be let down by inexperienced Engineers. LAN3 are different from many other cabling companies in that we take pride in doing the job correctly first time and ensuring there is minimal disruption to you.

Our highly experienced team of Engineers have installed hundreds of Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a cabling networks and have an enviable track record of delivering an exceptional standard of work along with a considerate service.

Fibre Cabling

Due to ever increasing network speeds, it is important to monitor and review the capabilities of the legacy fibre-backbone network. 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb switching is becoming increasingly common, but this requires the fibre backbone to support these speeds. Our experienced team help you identify the most effective fibre solution for you needs and put together a comprehensive upgrade plan.


Our services include:

  • Data and voice cabling
  • Office relocations or expansions
  • Cabling project design services
  • Access point mounting

  • Cabling system component supply
  • Cabling audits
  • Moving or changing existing infrastructure
  • Cabinet installations





Cabinet installations