Millfield School

Millfield School takes mobile teaching into the classroom

With a ratio of two mobile devices per pupil and staff member, Millfield needed a Wi-Fi network that could handle the increase in traffic both in the classroom and its boarding houses

LAN3 installed an Aerohive cloud managed Wi-Fi solution and the difference was instantaneous. No longer is the school experiencing client disconnects then reconnects, and network login times have drastically reduced.

3,000 Additional devices added to the network

1,900+ Concurrent Connections

20Gb Connection


How to Provide Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi to Students and Staff Alike?

As one of the UK’s leading boarding schools Millfield School was challenged with how best to support the use of mobile devices in the classroom, as well as ensuring a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection to the 3,000 pupil and staff devices that connect to their network daily.

Matt King, Network Engineer at Millfield School, said: “We were tasked with installing an enterprise grade Wi-Fi solution to support the use of mobile devices in the classroom, and provide pupils and staff with fast and reliable Wi-Fi at our boarding houses.”Conscious of that fact that they were going to be introducing 3,000 additional devices to their network, Millfield School felt they needed to go back to the drawing board and rebuild their network from the ground up. LAN3 proposed a network design to sit alongside the school’s existing hardware at the core and edge. Stacked Extreme X670s were installed in each of Millfield’s server rooms, connected by dual 10Gb fibre links. The new 20Gb capable network leaves the school plenty of scope for future development of the network.


How LAN3's Solution Helped

With the LAN3 solution in place Millfield School has been one of the early adopters of one-to-one learning in the classroom, where tablet or mobile devices deliver a personalised learning experience.

Matt King added: “The switch and Wi-Fi deployment, in conjunction with LAN3, has been a huge success. Being such a huge project it had to be meticulously planned so it worked straight from the get go.”

With their new robust network, Millfield School has future proofed its network against the additional demands of student and staff Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - whether that be smart phones, tablet computers or wearable devices – will place upon it.

“The Wi-Fi coverage and capacity we now have at the school is excellent and incredibly reliable. We regularly have 1,900+ concurrent connections during a normal school day, with the network coping effortlessly.”

“LAN3 went the extra mile in helping us with many of the obstacles and challenges we faced throughout the duration of the project. This is something they still continue to do today.Having a ‘one-stop-shop’ for both the Switching and Wi-Fi has made the whole process seamless. ”
Matt King
Network Engineer, Millfield School
Millfield School

About Millfield School

Millfield is an inspirational school where pupils are celebrated for who they are, and encouraged to reach their personal best.From its foundation in 1935, with six princes brought from India, Millfield is today one of the leading UK independent schools for boys and girls, aged 2-18 years