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Why Cynet?

Total Visibility: Gain insight into every event that takes place in your environment through automated monitoring and correlation

Consolidated Defence: Get the capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network Analytics and Deception in a single, natively integrated platform.

Full Automation: Automate all workflows across the breach protection lifecycle, from proactive monitoring to incident response.


Cynet 360 - Autonomous Breach Protection


Prevention & Detection

  • Block execution of malware, exploits, Macros and ransomware.
  • Detect advanced attacks by continuous monitoring of endpoint file and process activities.
  • Monitor network traffic to unveil reconnaissance, credential theft, lateral movement and data exfiltration attempts.
  • Profile the behaviour of all user accounts to pinpoint anomalies that indicate an attempted compromise.
  • Plant various types of decoy files across your environment to lure attackers into revealing their presence.


Breach Protection

Cynet XDR prevents and detects threats on endpoints, networks, and users and triggers for each identified threat an automated investigation flow that reveals the attack’s scope and root cause and applies automated remediation.
The 24×7 MDR team continuously monitor and optimize this process to maintain top quality and precision

Cynet 6 Minute Demo

Free Threat Assessment

Risk Score: Weighted calculation of all the findings across the assessed environment

Industry Comparison: Overall risk score of the assessed organization relative to its industry peers

Active Threats: Malware of various types, connection to phishing or malware distribution sites

Vulnerable systems and apps: Operating system and applications that miss critical security updates



Next Generation Anti-Virus

Cynet NGAV integrates multiple prevention technologies to maximize the points in which standard and zero day attacks can be terminated...Known malware, threat intelligence, fuzzy hashing, memory access control, AI static analysis & behavioural analysis.



Endpoint Detection & Response

Stop attacks in their tracks with complete endpoint protection and fully automated investigation and remediation actions, backed by a 24/7 MDR service at no additional cost. EDR provides comprehensive visibility and protection across all attack vectors AND leverages Response Automation – fully automating response workflows across the entire environment.




Cynet Deception technology plants various types of decoys across the environment to tempt attackers to get out of their hidings and reach out for what seems to be a valuable hunt and by doing that reveal their presence and former activities. There are zero false positives – only live malicious presence can trigger a deception alert.



User identities are a major target for attackers since they are the key to resources throughout the organization. Determined attackers might evade detection, succeed in stealing user account credentials and leverage them for lateral movement and data access. Cynet User Behaviour Analytics continuously monitors and profiles user activity to define a legitimate behavioural baseline and identify anomalous activity that indicates compromise of user accounts.


Network Analytics

Advanced attackers target the weak spots. Following an initial endpoint compromise, the next steps are to expand, gain privileges and access to other resources in your environment to ultimately get to your sensitive data and exfiltrate it to their premises. Cynet Network Analytics continuously monitors network traffic to detect and block otherwise invisible malicious activity.



Getting integrated visibility typically entails manual aggregation of various different log feeds, making this critical need for IT Security teams unaddressed. Cynet provides a centralised visibility interface showing all endpoint configurations, installed software, process execution, network traffic and user activity, enabling operators to optimize their asset management and proactively reduce exposed attack surfaces.

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