Networking solutions for all

Dell EMC have a portfolio of networking solutions suitable for use in all industries, from the small campus to the most complex global infrastructures.

Dell EMC's networking hardware and software offers exceptional functionality and performance. As their range of enterprise-grade networking offerings is so comprehensive there's a solution to suit most requirements.

Our Dell EMC expertise and long-standing partnership with them means you benefit from in-depth knowledge and experience as well as access to the full Dell EMC portfolio. Along with the full networking portfolio LAN3 offer additional Dell EMC products and services including servers, storage and virtualisation.

Our expertise ensures you get the right solution is installed in the right environment and appropriately configured to perform optimally and securely.

LAN3 are proud to hold 'Authorised' Partner status with Dell EMC. An accolade we gained through our high-performing and expert networking team.

We are one of a few select Dell EMC Authorised partners in the UK that is focused on networking. Our unswerving focus on networking makes LAN3 stand out from the competition.  We understand the impact on the network of the increases to speed, security and volumes of storage elsewhere in the infrastructure.



Our partnership with Dell EMC includes the Server, Storage and Hyper-Converged (HCI) Teams.This means you benefit from:

  • Simplified Deployment and Management

  • High-Performance Workloads

  • Truly Enabled Cloud Operations

  • Increased Efficie



Dell EMC and Ruckus have collaborated to deliver a technology leading wired and wireless solution. The solution scales easily to fit a range of environments - from small to large enterprises, from one campus to hundreds of distributed sites.

  • Management suited to a range of administrator skill levels

  • Manage multiple sites 

  • Flexible, anytime, anywhere control and troubleshooting



With an ever-expanding remit but the same amount of hours in a day managing all of the tasks in-house quickly becomes untenable. One solution to this is to outsource the monitoring and management of your network to LAN3.

Our popular service gives you:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management utilising focused Wi-Fi expertise

  • Prompt identification of WiFi issues, faster resolution and reduced downtime

  • More time in-house staff to focus on strategic projects

  • Scheduled reporting and reduced TCO of wireless network

  • Flexible payment terms


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