Helping Eggar's School to Meet the 'Bring Your Own Device' Challenge

As one of the country’s leading Academies, Eggar’s School was keen to adopt new technologies in the classroom and prepare its network for the expansion of student and staff ‘Bring Your Own Device’.

LAN3 advised Eggar’s School on how they could implement BYOD with the installation of an Aerohive wireless network across its campus, and in doing so become one of the first Academies in the country to use technology to enable one-to-one learning in the classroom.

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State of IT in Education

How to Meet the BYOD Challenges?

Like many schools, Eggar’s was eager to embrace the use of mobile devices in the classroom, while ensuring a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection to the 800+ pupils and staff connecting to the network daily .

The BYOD revolution in school teaching has resulted in schools encouraging students not only to bring their mobiles devices to school, but also to use them in lessons.

Daryl Reseigh, ICT Systems Manager at Eggar’s School, commented: “BYOD is a fantastic opportunity for students to use cutting edge technology in the classroom. But it does require careful planning and infrastructure upgrades.”

“The challenge we faced was how to implement new technologies, while keeping the network secure and functional for all to use.”

LAN3 designed, installed and configured a network to meet these demands, including an external Access Point to ensure the Wi-Fi signal was also available outside the school’s buildings.

“ LAN3 has exceeded my expectations in all departments. Everyone bent over backwards to help, with a friendly, yet professional attitude. The aftercare with LAN3 through the Service Centre is exceptional.

LAN3 has become my first choice, and subsequently my only supplier, of wireless technology. ”

Daryl Reseigh

ICT Manager, Eggar's School

How LAN3's Solution Helped

Eggar’s School is committed to exploring what a 21st century student looks like, and how young people can collaborate with each other, personalise their learning, and extend learning beyond the classroom and the school day.

Technology plays a key role in this vision, providing students access to online resources and a wide range of apps and other web-based tools.

With LAN3’s solution in place, Eggar’s School was one of the first Academies in the country to successfully adopt BYOD technology in the classroom, delivering a personalised learning experience to students.

With their new network, Eggar’s School has future-proofed its IT provision against the demand from student and staff Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - whether that be tablet computers, smart phones or wearable technologies.