Taking the pulse of your infrastructure

Over time, an organisation’s IT infrastructure tends to evolve organically in response to changing needs and as upgrades or new technology solutions become available. This often results in the sub-optimal utilisation of resources, which can lead to overly complex and inefficient systems. Sound familiar?...

The LAN3 IT Health Check was developed by our Professional Service Team to help you identify issues and opportunities for improvements and cost savings.

What's involved? 

Our team runs a full assessment of your IT infrastructure; reviewing physical servers, virtual servers, storage architecture, performance, patching, and all best-practice configuration. Following the assessment the team will present you with a detailed Health Check Survey report that includes hostnames, firmware, serial number, resilient and redundant services, patching, and architecture

IT Health Check



Our Engineers are all certified to the highest possible levels of accreditation and deliver a comprehensive health check that identifies redundancy and resiliency as well as performance bottlenecks. Your report will conform to all industry best practice recommendations and contain a catalogue of corresponding hostnames, serial numbers, firmware, model and IP addresses.

lan-best practice

Best practice

An annual IT Health Check keeps you abreast of security advancements and best practice changes and covers all aspects of IT infrastructure to ensure your security, productivity, and efficiency is comprehensively reviewed and subsequently optimised.



Your Health Check assessment includes detailed report with a list of recommendations, including indicative timeframes for subsequent remediation.




Graham Stenning Sunderland AFC
“LAN3 were invaluable to us during our Extreme Networks upgrade, giving us superb service and support. Their Reactive solution just works and makes management of the network so much easier, saving me time during the day."
Graham Stenning, IT Project Leader, Sunderland Football Club