One of the principal challenges with any networking infrastructure (switches, wireless access points, firewalls and routers) is striking an appropriate balance between performance and security. The selection of the most suitable infrastructure for your requirements, and installing it in a way that maximises reliability, functionality and performance is also critical.

The number and type of devices expected to seamlessly connect to a network - from multiple locations - is constantly increasing. A network needs to automatically recognise wired and wireless devices - ranging from PCs, servers, printers and phones to TVs, CCTV and even fridges, now that we are in the age of the Internet of Things. Consequently, we need to provision network services in line with business requirements. The network could be a single site with a limited number of users, or it could include sites across several continents and involve thousands of users and devices.

All too often the network is overlooked, but it is the foundation on which all other services run. In LAN3's experience, many establishments either have inappropriate hardware (and/or software), or appropriate infrastructure that has not been optimally configured, secured or managed. LAN3 invests heavily in keeping our staff up to date with the latest technological practices and breakthroughs in networking, while recognising that time and budget constraints may affect clients' abilities to do this. For this same reason, LAN3 is often called upon to design, install, support and manage our customers' networks, enabling them to free up time for strategic projects.

Our Market Sectors



The workload for networks is rapidly rising as teaching tools, student resources, data, applications and services are increasingly migrating to the cloud. CCTV and door access controls may also be linked to a network. 

As a result, the skill and knowledge involved in managing networks is increasing.



Reliable infrastructure is of fundamental importance in an enterprise. However, with the continuing migration of data, applications and services to the cloud, there is an ever increasing workload for that infrastructure.

Increasing demands from users - with more devices in more locations - adds to the challenge. 

Retail & Visitor Attraction


The main challenge for networking and Wi-Fi in retail and customer attractions is ensuring that you use them to benefit both customers and your business.

Wi-Fi has become expected, and can be leveraged to enhance loyalty and provide marketing and business data.



The ability to deliver EPR (Electronic Patient Records) to a clinician’s device next to a patient's bedside has obvious benefits that can improve health outcomes.

To deliver these applications securely, across a range of devices and locations, requires specialist knowledge and considerable experience.

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Mark Walker, KLM Engineering


“From start to finish LAN3 were professional, knowledgeable and keen to understand the problems and issues we faced as a business, and help us address them.”

“With a new International Aviation Academy ready for take-off in 2017, the first of its kind in the UK, these are exciting times for KLM Engineering, and we need a resilient IT network to support us as we grow.”

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Mobility, Networking and Security are our business and we have worked hard to build an impressive client base, of which we are very proud. 

LAN3 has helped some of the biggest names in the business to design, secure and manage high performance, reliable and mobile networks.


How Effective Is Your Network?

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical components of the corporate network for reliability, performance and any obvious security issues.