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"CITB were given confidence to use LAN3 as you were honest about offering a smaller amount of services to a very high standard which has was backed up with quality people who are experts in their field and the reference sites and information provided.” 
Elliott Abbs - IS Operations Manager, CITB


Reliable infrastructure is crucial to the smooth running of any enterprise. Underneath that smooth running you can often find an increasingly fraught IT team trying to handle the continuing migration of data, applications and services to the cloud. Add in to that the way in which recent events have brought about an exponential surge in demand from users - with more devices in more locations than ever before - you have a recipe for risk and challenges. 

Unlike most networking partners, LAN3 are genuine networking specialists who are able to offer a fully end-to-end in-house service.

Our team consists of pre-sales engineers who design and help scope a networking requirement, experienced networking engineers for installation, project management processes to ensure smooth running, and a 24/7 UK based Service Centre for ongoing support.

What are the issues facing IT teams?


Performance issues hit productivity quickly, leading to complaints from staff and customers. In large organisations, network downtime can have a huge negative impact on productivity, can drain resources (as issues quickly build into backlogs) and can take a lot of time to recover from


Access and security

Flexible working, mobility, BYOD - these are the day-to-day expectations of your end users. 

Your mobile device management policy needs to provide the right access to the right users, and to limit access to users who have unsatisfactory levels of device protection. 

Protecting yourself against cybersecurity threats - and other data security risks - is a constant challenge, particularly when users expect anytime, anywhere access to company applications and data.



Responding to problems - and keeping up to date - can be challenging to manage with only in-house resources. Continual investments in skills have to be made, but these must be balanced against the potential risks of reduced productivity or inadequate protection


Our Clients

We are the trusted Networking Specialists for hundreds of enterprise organisations

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End to end service

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how effective is your network?

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical components of the corporate network for reliability, performance, and any obvious security issues. 

IT Health Check