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There is an increasing need to incorporate the benefits of technology into the physical setting of retail and visitor attractions. Access to WIFI is now expected by customers but it can also help transform operations, align the online and offline shopping experience, and improve the visitor experience.

The main challenge, in retail and customer-attractions WIFI, is how best to utilise it to benefit both customers and your business. Simply providing internet access will not enhance customer loyalty – particularly if your conditions of connection require customers to provide their personal information. However, opting for Smart WIFI will provide a range of benefits in terms of customer experience, while also providing you with invaluable marketing and business data.

LAN3 has worked with many of the UK's leading retailers and visitor attractions. We have designed and installed networks that  deliver connectivity to staff and visitors, enable the use of infrastructure such as point of sales devices, and also provide business data such as footfall patterns and dwell time.

Is technology helping your Retail and Leisure businesses grow?

Customer Experience

Smart WIFI goes a long way to improving customer experience. For example, if a VIP retail customer arrives to collect a purchase, the store manager could be alerted to their presence before they even walk through the door.

This would enable staff to greet them by name and have their purchase available for immediate collection. Smart WIFI can also provide relevant content to visitors; this could be related to learning and educational experiences, or it could be marketing offers.


Behavioural Data

Smart WIFI will allow you to collect business data and help you to use it in a meaningful way. For example, it can give you information on footfall patterns - recognising when your store is full, and therefore that additional employees are needed on the shop floor.

It can tell you who is in your shop, at what times, and what areas of the store they are most interested in. That information can help you properly understand the impact of visual merchandising rather than make assumptions about what works and what doesn't.



Treating the online and in-store areas of a business differently can lead to inconsistencies in how your company communicates with customers.

By effectively using WIFI, store devices and newsletter sign-up at the till you can align the two and join the dots.

Ultimately, this can help you tailor your marketing and encourage customer loyalty. For example, a customer could receive push notifications of relevant discounts in-store, based on what they have purchased before.

In turn, the data received in-store can also be used to personalise your marketing online and expand your CRM exponentially.


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