BT & LAN3 Partnership

LAN3 is an end-to-end networking company. A key part of our strategy is to deliver connectivity from the core to the edge, wherever the edge resides. This involves extending the network, beyond the router and firewall, to the provision of internet services. There are many ISPs on the market, but none with the heritage and portfolio of BT, who offer a broad range of premium services including DIAs (Direct Internet Access), MPLS, 5G and Cloud Voice. Cloud Voice.

LAN3 is an Authorised Partner of BT and our customers can benefit from all of the BT services, without having to navigate through BT's many departments and systems. LAN3's sales and service teams will work with BT to deliver technology-leading internet solutions, saving time and money for our customers.


BT Authorised Partner

Working with BT, LAN3 connects and protects the network, from Core to Edge, Cloud to End-Point.

We provide and support secure network solutions across the UK. BT's Dynamic Network Services offer a range of SD-WAN, flexible bandwidth and NFV (Network Function Virtualisation) based solutions.

LAN3 & BT help organisations to build a flexible, agile infrastructure, so that their organisation can flourish in the digital age.



With BTnet, LAN3 customers can choose the upload and download speeds needed, from 10Mbps all the way up to 10Gbps. Dedicated internet access means customers can send and receive massive files quickly and run bandwidth-hungry business applications, like Microsoft Azure and Office365. For smaller organisations, BTnet Express is available for a fixed price and fast delivery, with speeds of up to 50Mbps. Additionally, in some locations, customers can choose the BTnet Express 100Mbps option – giving you a faster leased line service at a great low price!


BT Cloud Voice

BT Cloud Voice is a feature-rich, cloud-based phone system with the flexibility to meet the demands of the modern, agile business.

Being cloud-based, it lets end users use all the features of the office system, whether they’re in the office or working remotely. All that's required is access to the internet. Maintenance and upgrades are automatic, without the need for any costly and disruptive on-site visits.

BT Cloud Voice is ideal for organisations looking for all the features of a full blown on-premises system, but without the costs, maintenance and location headaches of hosting it themselves.

Managed WAN resized

BT Managed WAN

With a BT Managed WAN, customers get proactive management 24/7 from a dedicated team of UK technical experts. BT will monitor the Wide Area Network every two minutes to make sure the network is delivering peak performance.  

Customers will get a choice of speeds, resilience options and access technologies, as well as their own LAN3 & BT project manager to take them from inception to delivery, and sign-off to in-life.


BT & 5G

5G mobile will change everything for UK businesses as the first truly converged technology.

UK businesses are global leaders in innovation and 5G mobile will allow them to unleash the next wave of digital disruption, making things once thought impossible, possible.

BT are building a network that places UK businesses at the forefront of the race to define the future. More Speed. More Data. More Security.

Why LAN3 for BT?

It's understood that large ISP's are sometimes hard to navigate around and the service can be inconsistent. With LAN3, customers can take advantage of BT's premium services but deal with their account manager at LAN3. We will do all the hard work on the customer's behalf.  


  • Access to LAN3 & BT Service Centres
  • Comprehensive Network Design Service


  • BT Demo Suite in Belfast
  • Installation & Configuration Service


  • 100% SLA's
  • Premium Services


Authorised Partner


Premium Service


100% Uptime SLA


Network Design


KLM Engineering Addresses Business Continuity Concerns and Company Breakaway

Facing the prospect of a Civil Aviation Authority audit to assess their ability to manage disaster recovery, and realising they needed a more resilient network to better manage business continuity and reduce risk, KLM Engineering approached LAN3  and Extreme Networks for help.


How Effective Is Your Network?

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical components of the corporate network for reliability, performance, and any obvious security issues.