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The physical set up of today's businesses is very different from years gone by.  The idea of an office full of workers who go home at 5pm and stop working has been consigned to history. With the advent of the internet it is commonplace for businesses to look to expand globally, relying on data and applications in the Cloud, and driven by a mobile workforce. It was easier to securely connect the business when it had one simple network perimeter - but that perimeter has now gone.

Cato Networks is a secure connectivity company that understands that a new approach is required, a revolution rather than an evolution, to provide a secure enterprise network for the way businesses are now working.

Cato Networks is rebuilding a new network perimeter in the cloud, protected by a tightly integrated set of security services. Cato provide businesses with a simple, affordable and enterprise-grade secure network. No more costly hardware deployments, management complexities, capacity constraints, outdated software, or restricted visibility. 

By rethinking networking and security from the ground up, and bringing it into the cloud, securely connecting your business is not only possible, it is simple!  Cato Networks has the managerial expertise and technology to turn the world of network-security on its head.

Cato WAN Connectivity

The Cato Cloud Network is built on a globally distributed network of Points of Presence (PoPs). The PoPs are interconnected with an encrypted and optimized multi-carrier private backbone, to ensure optimal global traffic routing. The Cato Cloud Network provides an affordable, SLA-backed global enterprise network backbone.

Cato holistically connects all network elements including branches, mobile users, physical and cloud datacentres - securely and with MPLS-like latency.


Augment / Replace MPLS

Enterprises are dependent on high cost and bandwidth-constrained MPLS links. Strategies to augment MPLS-based WAN connectivity with affordable, high capacity internet links are now commonplace.

Cato enables organisations to offload MPLS traffic, specifically internet-bound traffic, to the Cato Cloud. Cato uniquely provides built-in network security for direct secure internet access, SLA-backed WAN for MPLS replacement and secure connectivity for cloud infrastructure and mobile users.

It is not uncommon for a business to spend six times more on office and staff connectivity than it does on cyber security.  As such, Cato users can achieve astonishingly rapid return on investment.


Unified Onsite & Cloud

Migrating parts of a datacentre to the cloud can fragment access controls and security policies. This separation complicates policy management and obscures overall visibility.

Cato, on the other hand, provides simple integration of physical and cloud datacenters. It seamlessly extends corporate access control and security policies to cloud infrastructures, enabling unified management of both physical and cloud-based resources.


Cato - Branch Security

Cato eliminates dedicated branch office equipment such as UTMs, Firewalls and WAN optimisation appliances. Cato protects all connected locations and seamlessly scales to secure all traffic, without the need for unplanned hardware upgrades and resource-intensive software patches. Cato delivers continuous, up-to-date protection without any customer involvement.

Cato connects all branch offices and remote locations to the Cato Cloud, providing enterprise-grade network security for any location, without the need for dedicated appliances or traffic backhauling.


Secure Mobile VPN

Cato connects every mobile user to the Cato Cloud and provides secure and optimised access to enterprise resources in physical and cloud datacenters, cloud applications and internet sites. With compatible cloud applications, it is possible to restrict access to the Cato Cloud IP range, so stolen credentials cannot be used to access enterprise data in the cloud.

All mobile access is protected against malicious web sites. Corporate security policies are seamlessly extended to control mobile access to sensitive data, both on-premises and in the cloud.


Cato As-A-Service

LAN3's monitoring and mangement service extends to the Cato services administered in the Cloud.  Cato customers can reduce the workload of administering their Wide Area Network and Security suite by outsourcing the responsibility to LAN3's SOC in Oxfordshire.

Why LAN3 for Cato Networks?

LAN3 was one of the first network specialists in the UK to understand how disruptive the Cato Networks secure-architecture will be to the connectivity and firewall market.  The threat landscape is ever expanding, so to have all users securely connected, whether working in a coffee shop, the home or the office, without notable latency, is an industry gamechanger.  LAN3 has invested heavily in ensuring customers understand how only Cato Networks has the technology to connect and secure applications, offices and users in today's ever-changing cyber world.

Augment/Replace MPLS


Firewall as A Service


Connectivity As A Service


Secure SD-WAN

Mark Draper

Mark Draper

EMEA Channel Director, Cato Networks

"LAN3 is key partner for Cato Networks in the UK.  Bringing a new technology to market requires focus, dedication and enthusiasm, all of which LAN3 have repeatedly demonstrated.  Cato Networks have a service that fully complements LAN3’s existing offering, as such Cato is very excited about the technology partnership and have no doubts in their ability to thrive in this marketplace."