Cynet collects all activity signals from the digital environment, fuses them together to unveil the true context of each activity and enforces precise breach protection actions. Unlike many solutions in this marketplace,Cynet overcomes the silos of legacy security by integrating all breach protection functionalities into a single native interface. 

A huge differentiator is the access to a 24/7 SOC (CyOps) team. This team of threat researchers and security analysts, which complement Cynet 360
technology with unmatched security expertise, are available to Cynet’s customers at no additional charge. CyOps assist Cynet customers with in-depth investigation, proactive threat hunting, malware analysis and attack reports, ensuring that every security event is handled and resolved.

Monitoring & Control

  • Vulnerability Assessment - Identify and patch vulnerable applications and systems
  • File Integrity Monitoring - Harden defences by enforcing policies on your files to alert on any change
  • Inventory Management - Gain Visibility and reporting of all the assets across your environment
  • Log Collection and Retention - Retain Activity logs for unlimited time to addresses various compliance requirements

Prevention & Detection

  • Next Generation Anti-Virus (NGAV) - Block execution of malware exploits, fileless, macros an ransomeware
  • Endpoint Detection & Remendiation (EDR) - Detect advanced attacks by continuous monitoring of endpoint file and process activity
  • Network Analytics - Montito network traffic to unveil reconnaissance, credential theft, lateral movement and data exfiltration attempts
  • User Bahaviour Analytics (UBA) - Profile the behaviour of all user accounts to pinpoint anomalies that indicate an attempted compromise
  • Deception - Plant various types of decoy file across your environment to lure attackers in revealing their presence

Response Orchestration

  • Preset Remediations - Remove Malicious presence and activity with pre-built actions for hosts, files, users and network
  • Custom Remediations - Build your own response workflows by chaining various remediations together and adding scripts to communicate with core components such as firewalls and AD.
  • Response Playbooks - Automate incident response workflows by using Cynet’s playbooks to resolve security events without the need for human intervention.

Security Services

  • Proactive Threat Hunting - Continuous search through our customers’ environment to detect and address live attacks.
  • Incident Response - Engage CyOps upon any suspicious activity you see in your environment, to detect, respond and remediate
  • Attack Investigation and Reporting - Get reports on attacks that CyOps detects across our customers’ install-base, including IOC and mitigation practices.
  • File Analysis - Submit any suspicious file for expert analysis to assess information regarding its nature and potential risks

Secure Environment

  • Visibility - Gain insight into every event that takes place in your environment through automated monitoring and correlation.
  • Consolidated Defence - Get the capabilities of NGAV, EDR, UBA, Network Analytics and Deception in a single, natively integrated platform.
  • Full Automation - Automate all workflows across the breach protection lifecycle, from proactive monitoring to incident response.

Why LAN3 for Cynet?

At LAN3, we understand the importance of cyber security from data centre to client.  Cynet's technology stands out from its competitors due to the unified platform.  Our team will help customers through the PoC stages, to the implemntation of a full production system. 


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  • 360° Visibility
  • Deception


  • Full Automation
  • 24/7 SOC


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