Extreme Networks

Extreme Networks’ technology is the most intuitive, manageable and comprehensive end-to-end enterprise networking solution on the market.

Extreme's ever-evolving solution includes a unique auto-sensing and auto-configuring solution that encompasses Switching, WiFi, NAC and Analytics under one management platform, making Extreme stand apart from its competitors. 

Only with an Extreme network can customers fully understand and analyse data traffic by port, by device and by application across the whole network, both internally and (increasingly importantly) across to hosted applications.

With the recent purchase of Zebra's WiFi portfolio (WING), the acquisition of Avaya's networking business and the forthcoming addition of Brocade's Datacentre Switching, Extreme have acted on their plans to offer a full end-to-end enterprise offering.  

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Extreme Black Diamond

LAN3 has the highest accreditation with Extreme Networks - Black Diamond Status.  This accreditation requires significant investment in training and resources; LAN3 are one of a select number of Diamond partners in the UK.

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Extreme Portfolio

Extreme Networks Switching EXOS and 'policy' have always had extremely enthusiastic support amongst the user community, meaning that it is near impossible for administrators to consider alternatives. To this rock-solid foundation, Extreme have added Enterprise Anaytics, NAC, Datacentre Switching, WiFi and a Market Leading Network Management System (NMS).

This true end-to-end solution is now fit for all market segments, across public and private sectors.


Extreme As-A-Service

The remit of IT staff is being stretched ever tighter, but time available remains static.  The solution to this ever-increasing problem is to outsource the monitoring and management of the network to LAN3, who will deliver this managed service with the incentive of offering flexible payment options.

24/7 monitoring and management utilising focused networking expertise
Prompt identification of network issues, faster resolution of issues and thus reduced downtime
Free up in-house staff to focus on existing and strategic projects
Scheduled reporting and reduced TCO of network
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The Extreme Difference

Extreme Networks have an advanced enterprise solution which is the envy of the marketplace.  This end-to-end solution is primed for establishments where connectivity is the minimum expectation. The Network Management System, analytics, and significant range of switching and Wi-Fi platforms mean that all bases are covered, with no compromise on usability, functionality and performance.  

The enterprise network is no longer the sole preserve of Cisco Networks.


Extreme Reactive

Many network managers would like to incorporate NAC functionality into their network, but are loath to invest in a standalone appliance due to significant management overhead and cost. LAN3's response to this is to provide the key functionality of NAC through integration with Microsoft Active Directory, thus:

Vastly reducing VLAN management
Increasing network security
Automating device VLAN management and guest access
Reduced training costs

Why LAN3 for Extreme Networks?

LAN3 have extensive knowledge and expertise from having deployed and supported over 200 Extreme networks in the UK.  This experience has enabled LAN3 to offer an unparalled service to our customers; we boast an impressive array of services, all designed to enhance the end-user experience.


  • 24/7 Dedicated Extreme Service Centre
  • Comprehensive Network Design Service
  • Full Monitoring & Managed Service - 24/7


  • Extreme Demo Suite at Oxfordshire HQ
  • Installation & Configuration Service
  • Extreme Demo Kit Facility


  • Fully trained and accredited engineers
  • Extreme Network Training Centre
  • Over 200 Extreme Networks Customers

Black Diamond Partner


End-To-End Service


Integration Specialist


Training Centre


KLM Engineering Addresses Business Continuity Concerns and Company Breakaway

Facing the prospect of a Civil Aviation Authority audit to assess their ability to manage disaster recovery, and realising they needed a more resilient network to better manage business continuity and reduce risk, KLM Engineering approached LAN3  and Extreme Networks for help


How Effective Is Your Network?

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical components of the corporate network for reliability, performance, and any obvious security issues.