SIEM technologies have been used for years to provide additional holistic security intelligence and analysis to security teams in the enterprise.

LogRhythm’s solution stands out from other vendors in this space, not only as a result of the speed at which it discovers, responds to and neutralises cyber threats, but also because of the minimal time taken to demonstrate the return on investment.

Once an enterprise network has been compromised, the speed of detection to actual response 'sorts the men from the boys’ and the need to provide near real-time automated defences to automated attacks is now the key deliverable. The unification of next generation SIEM, log management, network and endpoint monitoring and forensics, and security analytics can all be demonstrated in our demo suite.


Security teams have alarm fatigue. Intrusions are being missed due to the sheer volume of security logs. Knowing what to investigate - and doing so in double quick time - is imperative, but very difficult to do. From detection through response, LogRhythm SIEM was built for speed.

Detecting advanced threats within your environment requires LogRhythms's data-driven, machine analytics approach. LogRhythm uses machine learning and other techniques to surface advanced threats that might otherwise go unnoticed.


Security Analytics 

Security teams recognise the opportunity presented by big data analytics to improve security posture. But cost and complexity is often an obstacle. LogRhythm built an analytics platform to efficiently serve a wide variety of security analytics needs. LogRhythm simplify the inherently complex data sets so that you can see more, do more and protect more.


Network Monitoring

When cyber attackers compromise the perimeter, or are operating from within, the security team need to know. Evidence of intruders and insider threats lies within network communications - so you need to detect network-based threats with real-time network monitoring and big data analytics. Expedite investigations by giving your incident responders access to rich network forensics data. Get the visibility you need with Network Monitor.

Using LogRhythm, security teams can generate irrefutable network-based evidence for threat analysis, policy enforcement, and legal action. Reconstruct files transferred across networks to investigate suspected data exfiltration, malware infiltration or unauthorized data access.


Endpoint Security


Protect your enterprise from the unknown. Detect advanced attacks on endpoints and servers. System Monitor gives the security team deep visibility into the threats faced by the endpoints. It has a lightweight footprint, support for multiple platforms and policy-based administration. Get the clarity you need for peace of mind for a low cost of ownership.

System Monitor continuously records activity occurring on the monitored host, in real-time. This data is transmitted and safeguarded for analytics and incident response support.

Why LAN3 for LogRhythm?

LAN3 was EMEA LogRhythm New Partner of the Year in 2015.  In 2016 LAN3 was awarded "EMEA Partner of the Year", "Sales Person Of The Year", and "Marketeer of the Year".  LAN3 have LogRhythm set up in the Demo Suite, in our Oxfordshire HQ.

Threat Life-Cycle Management


Behaviour Analytics


Endpoint Security