LAN3 is a Cloud-First networking company. A key part of LAN3 strategy is to deliver remote communication and collaboration. Aggregate messages from all digital channels to increase customer satisfaction, improve agent productivity, and ultimately generate higher revenue.

RingCentral's UCaaS  platform integrates phone, video, meetings and messaging in one reliable and easy to use platform.

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RingCentral goes beyond cloud PBX, combining voice, team messaging, collaboration, video conferencing, online meetings, and contact centre capabilities. Available across multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, computers and desk phones. With a robust set of open APIs, RingCentral enables businesses to seamlessly embed communications into custom or everyday business applications, improving workflow productivity.

Businesses worldwide rely on RingCentral to connect their workforces and build relationships with customers.


Cloud PBX (& More)

All-inclusive cloud communications solution with HD voice, video, messaging and conferencing,

  • Team workspace with fully featured messaging, collaboration, file sharing, and task management, integrated with RingCentral Office
  • Fully mobile user experience across any device, including Android, iOS/Apple Watch app
  • Ability to add global geographies to existing account with the click of a button through Global Office solution
  • Single, easy-to-use centralised interface for managing all offices and users

Video Conferencing

  • Single, dedicated audio conferencing bridge dial-in phone number for easy universal access
  • Each user is assigned a unique host code and participants code that is exclusively theirs to use, ensuring that multiple users in the company can hold conference calls simultaneously and no one interferes with anyone else
  • The audio conferencing line is always ready and available. There’s no need to make a call reservation or schedule a call, ideal for bringing people together for ad hoc discussions

Cloud Security

RingCentral gives you added peace of mind by instituting robust security measures at every level of the architecture and processes. These include the physical, network, host, data, application, and business processes, as well as the enterprise level of your organisation.

To prevent interception of your communications, RingCentral provides Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption between all endpoints.


Ease of Management

Most phone systems require long implementation processes that involve teams of consultants and hefty user manuals, and once you’re live, you need training and certification just to administer the system. With RingCentral you can begin configuring the system in minutes and start enjoying advanced functionality such as sophisticated call management and logging, intelligent collaboration, business messaging, and industry-grade integrations.

Whichever device or mode of communication you prefer, the RingCentral app provides a consistent, intuitive interface. Additionally, it allows both your admins and employees to easily personalise the RingCentral system to their liking.

Why LAN3 for RingCentral?

LAN3's Networking and VoIP engineers are experts in cloud services.  RingCentral is a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions. More flexible and cost-effective than legacy on-premises systems, RingCentral, working with LAN3, empowers today's mobile and distributed workforce to communicate, collaborate, and connect from anywhere, on any device.


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