Privileged account passwords and endpoints are the primary targets of hackers, yet it is all too common for this attack vector to be insufficiently protected.  LAN3 has researched this market and found Thycotic to be the most intuitive solution to priviliged password management.

Thycotic's Secret Server enables the security team to store, distribute, change and audit enterprise passwords in a secure environment. Thycotic's solution is highly adaptable and scalable to fit all specific environments.

Secret Server

Create, share and automatically change enterprise passwords. Assign user permissions at any level, and track password usage with full audit reports. Organise secrets in intuitive, nested folders and do it all through a simple, customisable dashboard.

Multiple top-level security features are essential for safe enterprise password management. With Secret Server, you get them all: AES 256 encryptiontwo-factor authentication, 100-character passwords, custom workflow approvals, active session monitoring, SIEM integration and more. 


Password Reset

Password Reset Server can verify user authenticity with phone verification by calling or sending an SMS to the phone number registered to the user’s account and providing a pin code. Customised security questions can also be configured, and identification questions can even include image recognition questions.

Trust-based security policies customise password reset procedures based on your Active Directory OU structure. All activities, including password resets and changes to security policies, are audited for added security and documented for compliance requirements.

Why LAN3 for Thycotic?

LAN3 was one of the early adopters of the Thycotic Privilige account management solution in the UK.  LAN3 have the team in place to consult with clients on how to protect systems and users utilising Thycotic's password security, access control and endpoint protection.

Password Security


Rapid Integration


Endpoint Security


Seamless Integration

Jim Harvey.jpg

Jim Harvey

UK Channel Director, Thycotic

“Since welcoming LAN3 into the Thycotic fold, we have been taken aback by the level of enthusiasm, skill and knowledge their team display on a daily basis."