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Why Pentera?

As networks, users, devices, and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities, it is critical to pen'-test frequently.

Pentera assures you can validate your cyber-security posture daily, to keep your guard up at all times.

Pentera's automated pen-testing platform continuously conducts ethical exploits based on infrastructure vulnerabilities, to deliver prioritised threat-based weaknesses based on real pen-testing achievements

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Ransomware Readiness Assessment

We are all ransomware aware, but how confident are you that your organisation is ransomware ready? Leverage the free ransomware readiness assessment to emulate a complete ransomware attack operation, focus on key vulnerabilities and lateral pathways and start reducing risk immediately.

  • Expose vulnerable assets in your network
  • Uncover weaknesses leveraged by disruptive ransomware strains
  • Understand security controls effectiveness
  • Effectively reduce risk with guided remediation


Vulnerability Prioritisation

As your attack surface continues to grow, it's important to focus efforts on the vulnerabilities that matter most - the vulnerabilities that would be exploited by hackers in an attack.

Consistently checking your security controls and defences across your organisational networks is critical. Pentera's automated penetration testing platform tests your entire infrastructure with a wide array of hacking techniques ensuring that you remain resilient regardless of how the hacker is trying to break in.

Because networks, users, devices and applications constantly change and expose vulnerabilities, continual pen-testing must be ongoing. Pentera allows you to validate your cyber-security posture as often as you need, keeping your guard up at all times.

As malicious hackers constantly evolve their techniques and tools, it's important that your risk validation tools evolve as fast as the hackers’. Pentera assures that you match and evolve the depth of “off the books” pen-testing techniques.

Security Validation

Pentera helps you to improve the way your organisation validates their cyber-security risk, by delivering the most sophisticated, continuous and cost-effective penetration testing platform.

Pentera allows you to validate your cyber-security posture as often as you need. Allowing you to keep pace with ever-evolving needs of users. networks and devices.

Traditionally, penetration testing has been done manually by service firms, deploying expensive labour to uncover hidden vulnerabilities, producing lengthy reports, with little transparency along the way.

Pentera gives you a cost and time effective alternative solution.



Zero Installations or NW configuration

lan-consistent execution

Consistent Execution

Retest and validate your corrective actions consistently

lan-latest hacking techniques

Latest Techniques

Most current hacking & testing techniques



Press 'play' and get on with other work!

lan-attack vector visibility

Attack Vector Visibility

View every step in the attack vector to understand the hacker's view.

lan-prioritised remidiation

Prioritised Remediation

Clear packaged summary of the critical remediation steps to perform



Run a Pen' Test every day, week, month or whenever something changes

lan-harmless exploits

Harmless Exports

Like an attacker real exploits are performed, without disruption of service