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Steve Johnson
At the heart of LAN3 is a skilled technical team - both Pre and Post sales - that is closely aligned to Account Managers who care about overcoming their customers’ challenges as much as their customers do. Having partnered with LAN3 for many years and across multiple roles I’m delighted that they choose to use Ruckus Networks to address their customers’ most challenging connectivity needs.
Steve Johnson
Region Director, North and East Europe


Expectations for your network have never been higher, as both employees and customers engage with your business in new ways. Your network infrastructure has to be up to the task. That’s where Ruckus solutions can help your network do more, and better.

Ruckus network infrastructure solutions make your network simpler to deploy and manage, improve its reliability, and give it the adaptability to evolve as user demand requires. The comprehensive solutions portfolios cover IoT, Wi-Fi 6E and switching to intelligent automated infrastructure management


Smart Campus

Today’s smart campus network is built on a foundation of connectivity designed to increase productivity, efficiency, learning, and safety. Ruckus deliver a solid infrastructure for WIFI, cellular and IoT network coverage—inside and out. Converged wired and wireless management solutions simplify support, enhance network performance and make everything easier to use.

The campus network - and all it enables - is more than a vital IT asset as it reflects the vision and values of the organisation.

Whether you’re building a smart university campus, smart medical campus or smart corporate campus, CommScope Ruckus helps you shape and transform the future

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smart city

Around the world, cities are evaluating how best to use of smart technology to make operations more efficient and enhance the lifestyle of its citizens. The possibilities for smart city applications are virtually limitless with advanced technology in smart lighting, traffic and parking systems, public safety and much more.

Authorities are using smart city technology to attract new businesses, increase tourism and reduce operational costs. A common starting point is enabling public WIFI to get the city connected. However, once connected, the WIFI infrastructure can be leveraged in many other ways, such as supporting various smart city applications, reducing the digital divide and creating a more vibrant city environment. Ruckus is a leading outdoor WIFI provider offering carrier-class reliability, simple and flexible management and industry leading performance



As a Network Manager you are probably finding you are increasingly being asked to do more with less. With an ever-expanding remit but the same number of hours in a day managing all of the tasks in-house quickly becomes untenable. One solution to this is to outsource the monitoring and management of the WLAN to LAN3. Our popular service gives you:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management utilising focused Wi-Fi expertise

  • Prompt identification of WiFi issues, faster resolution and reduced downtime

  • More time in-house staff to focus on strategic projects

  • Scheduled reporting and reduced TCO of wireless network

  • Flexible payment terms


Ruckus Analytics

RUCKUS Analytics is a cloud service for network intelligence and service assurance.

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, it gives you comprehensive visibility into your network operations and enables you to accelerate troubleshooting and meet your network SLAs.

Analytics aggregates raw data and automatically transforms it to give you deep insight into network operations. This ML and AI-powered analytics service frees you from a wide variety of manual tasks associated with service assurance

Comprehensive network intelligence helps you deliver on network service level agreements in support of users, devices and applications.

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