For many years, networking was the only thing LAN3 did, and what we were known for. But as time has passed, we’ve responded to a changing world - and our customer’s needs.

We are still experts in networking, and pride ourselves on using our expertise and experience to deliver a network that will exactly meet the individual needs of your business or organisation. But these days, networking and security are increasingly converging, and we would certainly never consider installing a network without considering security elements alongside it.

Everyone - no matter if they work in business, the private sector or academia - should be concerned about security. According to a PwC report commissioned by the UK government, 90% of large organisations and 74% of small businesses suffered some form of cyber breach in the last year. These statistics represent significant increases on previous years.

LAN3 has focused on a range of security products and services that cross over or augment our skills in networking, so that we can add even greater value to our clients.

Our Partners


Our Clients

Mobility, Networking and Security are our business and we have worked hard to build an impressive client base, of which we are very proud. 

LAN3 has helped some of the biggest names in the business to design, secure and manage high performance, reliable and mobile networks.