LAN3 Finance

Upfront costs account for nearly two-thirds of the purchasing decision when deciding whether to upgrade a network.

And over the lifetime of the network, the total cost of ownership is dominated by ongoing operational costs – both administration and maintenance of the devices. But what if you could upgrade your network with no upfront cost, and with minimal ongoing administration?

LAN3 Finance is an Opex method of purchase designed to address these problems – and is a popular way of deploying, monitoring and managing your network - with no upfront costs.

LAN3 also offers a range of financing options for customers who prefer to spread the cost of rolling out a new infrastructure solution.

What is LAN3 Finance?

We’ve partnered with our vendors to provide market leading IT Infrastructure on a simple pay monthly model, that:

  • Completely removes Capital Expenditure
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership
  • Is fully managed and monitored 24/7/365

Why LAN3?

We’ve partnered with leading IT manufacturers to provide market leading infrstructure solutions on a simple pay monthly model, with LAN3 providing:

  • The design of the network;
  • Installation, configuration and testing;
  • A fully managed and monitored support service.

All your infrastructure and connectivity headaches removed in exchange for a simple and affordable monthly fee. After the initial agreement you own the hardware outright, and can simply renew the managed and monitored support, or look at a network upgrade.



Guaranteed SLAs


No CapEx


Secure Infrastructure


Network Monitored


How Effective Is Your Network?

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical components of the corporate network for reliability, performance, and any obvious security issues.