Managed SIEM

A SIEM has become an integral part of most organisations' security posture. However, many are increasingly recognising that such technologies do not deliver the expected benefits without a corresponding investment in staff, configuration and operational processes. Such investments are difficult to deliver in practice, and often prohibitively expensive.

LAN3 has partnered with Si Cyber to provide managed SIEM services. These range from a turnkey cloud-based SIEM-as-a-Service, which can be up and running in days, to a fully architected and deployed on-premise, remotely managed and operated SIEM. 

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SIEM Performance

The amount of event information SIEMs produce is difficult to consume. It creates terabytes of noise that's difficult to work through manually. An event that seems innocuous in isolation can indicate the presence of a threat when correlated to other activity. Collecting the raw data is really important, but the right expertise and reporting is what turns data into intelligence that can better protect your organisation.


Receive round the clock support, 24x7, from an award-winning managed service helpdesk. Your SIEM will be in expert hands, with over 200 dedicated security experts across our Security Operations Centers in London, New York, Dubai, Doha and Pune. This ensures a trully 24x7 service that 'follows the sun'.


Leading Technology

Our managed SIEM service is based on market leading LogRhythm technology. LogRhythm is recognised as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, and specialises in allowing organisations to detect, respond to and neutralise cyber threats.

Why LAN3 for a Managed SIEM?

LAN3 partnered with LogRhythm in early 2015, and was awarded New Partner of the Year in 2015, and Partner of the Year in 2016. For organisations that have the scale, expertise and in-house 'know how' to manage an enterprise SIEM technology, LogRhythm is, in our opinion, the leader in this market.

For organisations who want to enjoy the benefits of a SIEM and the additional security it can provide, but who do not want to take on the additional staff or cost involved in managing one themselves, a managed SIEM is an attractive proposition.


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