Managed SOC

We have moved into an era where it is not a question of if your organisation will be breached, but when and to what extent. Indeed, the chances are that you've already been the victim of a cyber attack, without your knowledge.

This has led many organisations to invest heavily in Security Operations Centres (SOC) to give them the ability to detect and respond to future threats as quickly as possible. 

When developed in-house, SOC challenges include identifying suitably skilled resources to provide 24x7 coverage, and leveraging the most effective technologies for advanced threat detection and reporting. This is too often a pipe dream for many organisations.

LAN3 has partnered with Si Cyber to offer its clients access to an SOC global leader with 24x7 operations across the world, so that they can enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art SOC, without any of the upfront cost. 


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A SOC is a 'chunky' purchase that probably accounts for a sizable slice of any organiation's IT budget. And that's before you get to staffing and training costs to provision and maintain it. A managed SOC can mean zero capital investment with long-term reduced, predictable cost, allowing you to apply savings and allocate resources to strategic business initiatives.



Receive round the clock support, 24x7, from an award-winning managed service helpdesk. Your security will be in the expert hands of over 200 dedicated experts across Security Operations Centers in London, New York, Dubai, Doha and Pune. This ensures a truly 24x7 service that 'follows the sun'.



Remove the management and monitoring burden of resourcing your own SOC. Free up resources and reduce overhead by leveraging expertise. Proactive hands-on management of configuration and appliance health and status checks result in the detection and resolution of issues before they impact network availability and business operations.

Why LAN3 for a Managed SOC?

LAN3 has partnered with Si Cyber to offer a highly mature SOC, offering detection and response capability designed to mitigate against threats that put your most critical business assets at risk. This is achieved, in partnership with Si Cyber, by providing a high-performing team, executing pre-defined processes and through the use of market leading technologies.


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