PEN Testing

Apart from the obvious reasons of good compliance, it is important to conduct a consultant-based PEN test (penetration test) to ensure that your network is truly as robust as you think it may be.

During a penetration test, an attempt at breaching your security is simulated so that you can fully appreciate the risks and the potential consequences of an intrusion.

LAN3 has partnered with Trust Matta to ensure expert, highly skilled penetration testing specialists examine the current state of your infrastructure, to assess the resilience of your security controls and to identify all the ways that an attacker might gain unwanted access.


Secure Infrastructure

LAN3 understands the importance of secure infrastructure, and that your organisation depends on it. A PEN test will examine the current state of your infrastructure, identifying the ways an intruder might gain access.


Deep Phishing

Deep Phishing is a service that provides the analysis you need, with an unparalleled level of detail, on your employee behaviour referenced against the vulnerabilities on their PCs. It enables you to identify the exact areas of weakness, so that you can address them. By emulating a more sophisticated phishing attack, the service can be targeted to the context of your business, just as real hackers do.


Assess Vulnerability

External Vulnerability Scanning is a crucial part of every security programme. However, budgets do not always allow for the cost of an extensive consultancy-based penetration test. Cost-effective automated scanners go some way to resolving this issue, but the limitations of automated systems are well-documented. The reports produced contain multiple false positives, and it becomes the responsibility of the client to work through the issues to determine real issues from false ones. Working with an expert can expedite this process, and improve your security posture.

Why LAN3 for PEN Testing?

Our starting point as a networking company has led us closer and closer to security, as the two disciplines have inevitably converged over time. Indeed, this movement led to us to change LAN3's company tagline from 'Network Solutions' to 'Secure Infrastructure', as we were increasingly involved in security discussions with our clients.

Security has been embedded into our networking work for many years. We've added to this by striking up relationships with leading third parties who can offer our clients a range of specialist services, including PEN Testing.

LAN3's PEN Testing is delivered by TrustMatta, a specialist cyber security consultancy, who've been assessing the vulnerability of organisations' networks since 2001.


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