LAN3 Reactive

Network security and flexibility are paramount in any modern network, but with increasing demands for BYOD and rapidly emerging ways to access networks, the resources of IT teams are often stretched - having to reconfigure a port each time a device is added, moved or changed, with the result that security becomes compromised.

Reactive addresses this problem by automatically managing the Moves, Adds and Changes of users, tracking their devices and managing VLAN configuration for both registered and non-registered devices.


Full 802.1x Support

With Reactive Network, all devices can be identified, classified and managed appropriately, whether they support 802.1x or not, providing wireless type mobility for wired devices and giving the organisation the ability to safely offer hot-desking. Real time security is enabled via authentication and accounting through NPS and the detection of any device that is used on the network. If the device is not recognised, Reactive Network will restrict access to a guest VLAN and deny access to protected core network functions.

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Managed by AD

Reactive Network requires no additional software. Instead, network managers simply use Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) to manage their network infrastructure! 

Reactive Network - automatically manages Moves, Adds and Changes, so you don’t have to!


Reactive Support

Reactive takes advantage of your existing Microsoft Infrastructure to manage your switching infrastructure through a familiar interface. To back you up we have Microsoft expertise inhouse to assist with any queries you may have regarding the technology. This will cover aspects of your Reactive network such as RADIUS, Active Directory, Group Policy and certificate services. We also offer hands on 2 day Reactive training course at our Training Centre to help you manage Reactive effectively.

Why LAN3 Reactive?

Reactive was conceived, designed and implemented by LAN3's Professional Services Team. It has been used successfully on many networks, as a substitute for a Network Access Control appliance (which can involve prohibitive costs for hardware and support). The time savings it produces for network staff often lead to a rapid return on investment.


VLAN Management


Cost Savings


AD Integration


No Third Party Software

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Graham Stenning

IT Project Leader, Sunderland Football Club

“LAN3 were invaluable to us during our Extreme Networks upgrade, giving us superb service and support. Their Reactive solution just works, and makes management of the network so much easier, saving me time during the day."


How Effective Is Your Network?

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical components of the corporate network for reliability, performance, and any obvious security issues.