LAN3 Training

LAN3 has developed a Training Academy, based in the Oxfordshire HQ, where customers are trained how to utilise and administer their wired and wireless infrastructures, to maximum potential.

All training courses utilise lab-based networking equipment, to deliver the beneficial practical element to the written coursework.  LAN3's principal trainer is able to deliver real world examples for the subject matter, which has proved very popular to our delegates (all too often training courses are delivered by people, who are trained to deliver a slide-deck, but don't have the real-world experience of deploying and working with the technologies).  LAN3 training courses receive very favourable feedback, due to the trainers' experience of deploying the technologies many times, in different environments.

As one of just a few authorised Aerohive Training Centres (ATC's) in the UK, attendees, at the end of the course, have the opportunity to sit an accredited exam and walk away with a professional qualification.

If you have sat one of our training courses, and would like to provide feedback, click here.

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6th - 8th February 2018

The ACWA course is intended for networking professionals who are responsible for installing, configuring, troubleshooting and maintaining an Aerohive Wireless network. It is the entry level Aerohive wireless accreditation.


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13th - 15th February 2018

The ACWP course is intended for networking professionals experienced with Aerohive, who are looking to learn
WLAN design, integration, advanced configuration and troubleshooting of Aerohive wireless networks.




16th - 18th January 2018

13th - 15th March 2018

The ACMA course is intended for network professionals who are responsible for administering and supporting the Aerohive wireless network, and builds a working knowledge of the Aerohive NG management platform.


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Extreme Essentials

31st January - 1st February 2018

11th- 12th April 2018

The Extreme Essentials course teaches the necessary skills for a network administrator to manage an Extreme network. Practical hands-on labs provide a platform for delegates to put into action recently taught theory. Delegates leave confident in their abilities to configure and optimise their own Extreme network.


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 Coming Soon


The CWNA is an industry standard independent qualification, for Wi-Fi Professionals. The course provides the networking professional a complete foundation of knowledge for entering into or advancing in the wireless networking industry. 


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Dell EMC Essentials

Coming Soon


The Dell EMC course has been devised by LAN3's team of networking engineers. The course teaches all the necessary skills for a network administrator to manage a Dell EMC network. Practical hands-on labs provide a platform to put into action recently taught theory.


Why LAN3?

LAN3 has been delivering specialist networking training from its Oxfordshire head office for six years. Each course is delivered by LAN3's Senior Network Consultant, Neil Harrison, who has dozens of network installs under his belt, and has been designing and administering networks for nearly three decades.

LAN3 is the only Aerohive reseller in Europe who is credited as an official Aerohive Traning Centre (ATC), meaning those who attend our training have the opportunity to walk away with official certifications, and letters after their name.

LAN3 has invested heavily in its Traning Centre (and seperate Demo Suite), where hands-on labs are delivered, and networking theory can be put into practice in a controlled environment.  





Hands-On Labs


Exam Practice



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Peter Kent

Deputy Director of Infrastructure, JISC

"The practical elements were relevant to real-world scenarios. An excellent course - thank you."