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A common frustration among users is the reliability of the WiFi system

A smoothly running system is reliant on two key components; the location of the access points and an optimised wireless configuration. However, all too often these two elements are not working effectively.Wireless surveys from LAN3 are an effective and reliable way to ensure your WiFi system runs as smoothly and as effectively as possible, ensuring users can access the system securely and reliably.We offer 3 types of wireless survey. See below for details...


Our Predictive Site Survey service gives you an indicative scope of wireless access point (AP) deployment, for budgetary purposes. From up-to-date digital floor plans provided by you our Engineers produce a predictive survey report using market leading Ekahau software from our Service Centre at our LAN3 HQ in Oxfordshire.
The completed report includes an indicative number of access points and their approximate placement and enables you to make decisions surrounding allotting suitable budget for the project.
The Predictive Site Survey is normally carried out free of charge. However, we recommend you undertake a Wireless Verification Survey before final purchase decisions of Aerohive Access Points (APs). This will verify all the assumptions made in the predictive service.



Building on the assumptions found in the Predictive Site Survey as a baseline our Wireless Verification Survey provides confirmation of access point requirements and their exact placements and is also useful for cabling and implementation requirements.

You will receive a Verification Survey Report which highlights in both summary and detailed forms, the findings and recommendations to be applied to the implementation of the wireless network.

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Our Validation Wireless Survey service gives you a validation of a recently commissioned or modified wireless system and assurance that the system is optimised according to the live wireless environment. If wireless interference is discovered spectrum analysis tools will be used and changes made accordingly. Changes can also be made to configuration, during the survey, to ensure all standard settings are correct, including Signal to Noise Ratios (SNR) and signal strength (RSSI).

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“Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Trust partnered with LAN3 for a full network and wireless roll-out in 2016. The campus is of a significant size with over 500 wireless access points. Being a hospital, it is imperative that the wireless platform is stable and optimised, a challenge considering the environmental complexities of any hospital site, taking into account surgical theatres and X-Ray facilities. As such the quality of the surveys was of particular importance to the Trust. LAN3, with its experience working in an acute hospital setting, conducted the surveys in a professional and meticulous manner, which provided us the assurances we sought.”
Phill Lunt - Infrastructure Manager, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

How Effective Is Your Network?

A Network Health Check is designed to test and verify the critical components of the corporate network for reliability, performance, and any obvious security issues. 

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